Zeusvision: Take all the attention

This is how Giovanni Wolfgang, CEO of Zeusvision, sums up his vision for outdoor advertising.

“Outdoor advertising is an elitist business. I want to bring the power of large-scale outdoor media within reach of the average person.”

That is a fairly straightforward statement, but I’ve never given that much thought to outdoor advertising so I didn’t really understand it and get excited about it at first. Like most dogs, I’ve been content with sniffing the advertising that is left on trees and lamp posts for me! But when I read some background material and learnt more about Zeusvision, I began to see how amazing the possibilities are.

Zeusvion logo -take all the attention

We’ve all seen the huge billboards in city centres. We only ever see names we know on them, or perhaps the latest blockbuster movie that’s being promoted. This is because it’s only the largest companies in the world that can afford this type of advertising in prime locations. It’s the same with the displays in lights on buildings. I suppose that’s why we have the saying “I would like to see my name in lights” – we think it isn’t possible for most of us.

Take a look at this short video and you will see a Zeusvision bus in action. It isn’t just any old bus – it has a huge, 31ft, LED screen on both sides. It also has a superb sound system.

I think it looks fantastic. Current clients of Zeusvision include Universal Pictures, NBC, Warner Brothers – to name just a few.

Zeusvision began a new campaign on 27th October. Their aim is to make this type of outdoor advertising affordable to a much wider market. I think that their starting price of $99 is something that most people could afford for a special occasion.

I can imagine how excited all the little bipeds I know would be to see their name with birthday greetings up on the big screen! Or, when they’re a little older, congratulations on passing an important examination. A text message is sent to you five minutes before the bus reaches the selected location, so that you can make sure that the person you sent the greetings sees the bus with their name on it.

This starting price also makes advertising in a prime location a possibility for small businesses. The buses run through trendy shopping areas and will be seen by lots of people. I had the idea that some tasty dog treats would look amazing on the big screen – that made me drool and I needed a snack!

Then I thought about all the other things that my friends create and I think that there is great potential for getting the word out. Just imagine seeing your book on the big screen – maybe you’ll be on the best seller list sooner than you thought. Some of you make things that will make bipeds drool if they see them – jewellery, paintings, pottery. I’d love to see my friends’ creativity getting the publicity it deserves.

Digital media buses currently run in New York and Los Angeles. There are plans to introduce them to other major cities next year. A Music Festival is planned for the first quarter 2015. Look out for that! I’m sure it will be exciting.

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See you next Wednesday!

P.S. I am not receiving any money from Zeusvision for this post and I wouldn’t be telling you about them if I didn’t find their ideas and vision exciting. But maybe one day, if you’re in the right place at the right time and keep your eyes open, you could see me, larger than life, smiling down at you from a bus!


  1. Clowie we read about this on Katzenworlds blog..amazing isn’t it ๐Ÿ™‚ and we would love to see you up there ! hugs Fozziemumxx

  2. Very cool!!! I have not seen anything like it!
    I would love to see my blog URL flash across that screen! LOL!!!!
    แƒฆ husky hugz แƒฆ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. Amazing, and a big business way of selling.
    Unfortunately large scale and mind numbing advertisements do nothing for me,
    actually the opposite, as I think its a massive case of massive crowd brainwashing.

  4. WOW!! We are going to see some amazing technological advances in the next few years. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Technology moves so fast these days as soon as it is new it is old. Wonder what next? Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Clowie, you do keep us up to date! We hadn’t heard anything about this incredible concept and will keep our eyes peeled…

  7. wow wouldn’t it be dangerous and distracting to drivers? We live in the country, billboards on the X-way not on the side of the road, it is pretty that way,but a bus or truck, that would be alittle distracting.. hmm I would have to bark at them definately bark

  8. That looks like fun! I think I would look adorable on there! Drivers would crash into each other from staring at me!

    Love and licks,

  9. Amazing technology and inventive idea too…………..Clowie I think it would be fabulous to see you smiling and maybe barking on a BIG SCREEN one day! You’re a STAR!

    Hugs, Sammy

  10. I’ve seen moving billboards in my town and I can’t get too excited about adding air pollution to advertising. But I might reconsider if they got solar powered vehicles. And, of course, if it brought me more puppy pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. My biped is very excited about this Clowie! She wants me up there on the screen because she thinks Hollywood will come knocking ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I can’t wait to see a massive you driving around on the side of that thing – perhaps we should start a campaign?!!

  13. Clowie on Zeusvision! We want Clowie!! We can hear the crowds barking for you! CLOWIE!! CLOWIE!!! wag wag wag

  14. It would be a great way to advertise anipals that need furrever homes too from shelters!

  15. it’s like magic… and much better then the magic bus in Harry Potter! btw: is this Alfredo a TV-show in your country (abuelo knows best?)?

  16. I think this is a terrible idea.ย  More noise and distractions to our daily living.ย  Where is he peace and quiet (at lest not overdoing it in the cities)?

    • I removed your comment temporarily because something had gone wrong with it and your email address was showing.
      I do prefer the quiet of the countryside myself, although I enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city for a short visit. But I do think that this opens up the potential for more people to advertise in prime locations.

  17. Oh my Goodness, Clowie!! You would be world famous, all for $99!! Cheap at twice the price!! ๐Ÿ™‚ xox

  18. For $99, I could see myself on a bus! How cool would that be?

  19. Digital media buses and such are banned here but I’ve seen some of these on my LA jaunts. If nothing else, the name “Zeusvision” always brings a smile – nothing like aiming high right from the brand name onward!

  20. It would be wonderful to see some of our creative friends getting this kind of recognition. And at $99, that becomes affordable for many more people. I hope we’ll see you on ZeusVision one day, Clowie!

  21. That is so cool! It makes me wish I lived in the city so I could see it. I bet that’s far cheaper than hiring an airplane to do skywriting!

    • I’d love to see the buses as well. I think I’d enjoy travelling around in one for an hour or two and watching people’s reactions. I’m sure it is cheaper than skywriting!

  22. Our mom was a production manager at a couple advertsing agencies, and for a purrson who was in the business and even won awards, she has a strange aversion to advertising, muting TV ads, and ignoring whatever she can. Some advertsiing is pretty cool and some ads very well done, but we try to live without it. We kitties do enjoy our Bird TV Channel and watch as much as we can.

  23. There is so many pawsibilities with this!!!! Very cool!!!! Happy Saturday!!!!

  24. Sweet Clowie we had not heard of these buses. What a cool way to advertise, it certainly gets ones attention. Thank you for sharing this or we might never had seen one of those buses. Our town is way too small to ever see one here. Hugs and nose kisses

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