There Be Dragons

I was in the garden with one of my bipeds. It was Spring and the weather was improving. I sat waiting for my biped while she messed about with some plants in the greenhouse. I hoped to play a game when she’d finished. I was almost a year old and so I waited patiently – or at least with the appearance of patience! Then this strange noise began, it was a really deep rumbling sound coming from next door. Then puffs of steam started coming over the fence. I realised it must be a dragon breathing fire, so I started barking to warn my biped.

My biped put her head out of the greenhouse, looked around, and said, “Quiet, there’s nothing to worry about!” This was strange because I know just how dangerous dragons can be!

I stopped barking, but I decided to stay alert. I usually knew that everything was fine when she said so, but I had a new feeling that I hadn’t had before. She came out of the greenhouse and I kept between her and the fence that the steam was coming over. It made it difficult for my biped to walk and she stopped and looked puzzled. Then she realised that I was still concerned about the dragon next door and she told me again that it was nothing to worry about.

I relaxed a little and let her walk normally. She wandered about watering plants in pots. I stayed close to her, but not so close that I would get in the way. Then she went near to the fence that the steam was coming over. It was too close! This feeling came over me again and I couldn’t allow it, I moved between her and the fence and starting pushing her away from it. She stepped sideways to try to go round me, but I moved quickly and stayed in her way and again started pushing her back. She stepped to the other side and again I quickly blocked her. All this blocking made me wonder if I’d be even better at American football than I am at the English variety, which is also known as soccer!

My biped, however, had other ideas. She spun away from me and went to the side of the garden away from the fence. She called me to her and asked me to sit and stay for a moment. This was no problem, there should soon be some treats coming my way, as I was really good at sit and stay. Sure enough, she had a treat in her pocket and it was quite tasty!

She disappeared into the house, returning in just a moment, and I could smell she had some of my favourite liver cake in her pocket now. We did some heel work well away from the fence with the threatening dragon behind it. I easily performed another sit and stay. We then did some more heel work, going closer and closer to the fence. Then we moved away again and I was a lot more relaxed, as the dragon seemed content to stay the other side of the fence.

She asked me to sit and stay again. The liver cake was really tasty, so I immediately sat and thought about the piece of liver cake I’d soon be eating. Then I noticed that my biped was nearer the fence than I was and I almost got up, but she very quickly said, “stay” in a very firm voice and I stayed. She quickly returned to me and gave me another piece of the liver cake. We repeated this a few times and it was really difficult to stay and earn the liver cake! She made a fuss of me and said, “You are a good girl, even with that tasty liver cake, I could see it was difficult for you with your new-found protective tendencies!”

Later, I heard my bipeds talking about the enormous steam cleaner that the neighbour hired and used to clean the block paving in his garden every year. They could believe that if they wanted, but I knew it was really a dragon.

See you next Wednesday!


  1. Oh good girl, Clowie! I don’t think I could ever be so brave as to attack a dragon. How do you do with rabbits?

  2. Your so brave to take on a dragon, I have a new found respect for you my furiend!

  3. Ooooh what a brave dog you are Clowie! Your humans must be so proud of you.

  4. I’m sticking with Clowie. It was a dragon!

  5. I enjoyed your story about the dragon Clowie. You are a wonderful storyteller.

  6. Wow. I’m glad that you were there to protect the bipeds. We would not have liked the noise from that dragon!!

  7. Glad you recognized it for a dragon. Those bipeds try to put a lot over on those they deem slighly less intelligent about the wonders of the world.

  8. Hi Clowie,
    I’ve been learning all about protection myself recently, so I understand how brave you’ve been with a dragon next door! How are you supposed to stay when your human is walking so close to it ? I think you did an amazing job!

    • You’re right, it’s very difficult to stay when I’m concerned about protecting them. They say I still have to listen to them, even when I think they need protecting. I have had more practice since then, but I remain very alert when there’s danger.

  9. I pops over every day too play but I forget’s I has to wait till Wednesday 🙂
    Happpppy Monday anyway.
    Mollie xx

  10. Oh wow, I would love to fight a dragon. I’ve heard they’ve got tough hides so it could be an interesting matchup. The only problem is they are known to cheat: they can fly so I couldn’t catch them and they breathe fire which means I’d get singed fur.
    Any ideas?

  11. Good job sweet Clowie you wanted to fight that dragon off and that is good. We guess this was a dragon with no harm intended though since you were taught to sit and stay and to never mind the dragon. Cleaning machine or not we know it must have sounded and looked like a dragon…so we say Good girl, Clowie!!! Hugs and nose kisses

  12. You really are brave – defending your biped against dragons, of all things. You must have been really scared but you protected her anyway. Your bipeds must be really proud of you.

  13. Total awesomeness! I wonder what my Chloe is thinking when she constantly barks at the neighbors kids. Are they gremlins in disguise?

  14. My mom calls our dragon the “garbage truck”. Sounds like a dragon to me!

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