There Be Dragons

I was in the garden with one of my bipeds. It was Spring and the weather was improving. I sat waiting for my biped while she messed about with some plants in the greenhouse. I hoped to play a game when she’d finished. I was almost a year old and so I waited patiently – or at least with the appearance of patience! Then this strange noise began, it was a really deep rumbling sound coming from next door. Then puffs of steam started coming over the fence. I realised it must be a dragon breathing fire, so I started barking to warn my biped.

My biped put her head out of the greenhouse, looked around, and said, “Quiet, there’s nothing to worry about!” This was strange because I know just how dangerous dragons can be!

I stopped barking, but I decided to stay alert. I usually knew that everything was fine when she said so, but I had a new feeling that I hadn’t had before. She came out of the greenhouse and I kept between her and the fence that the steam was coming over. It made it difficult for my biped to walk and she stopped and looked puzzled. Then she realised that I was still concerned about the dragon next door and she told me again that it was nothing to worry about.

I relaxed a little and let her walk normally. She wandered about watering plants in pots. I stayed close to her, but not so close that I would get in the way. Then she went near to the fence that the steam was coming over. It was too close! This feeling came over me again and I couldn’t allow it, I moved between her and the fence and starting pushing her away from it. She stepped sideways to try to go round me, but I moved quickly and stayed in her way and again started pushing her back. She stepped to the other side and again I quickly blocked her. All this blocking made me wonder if I’d be even better at American football than I am at the English variety, which is also known as soccer!

My biped, however, had other ideas. She spun away from me and went to the side of the garden away from the fence. She called me to her and asked me to sit and stay for a moment. This was no problem, there should soon be some treats coming my way, as I was really good at sit and stay. Sure enough, she had a treat in her pocket and it was quite tasty!

She disappeared into the house, returning in just a moment, and I could smell she had some of my favourite liver cake in her pocket now. We did some heel work well away from the fence with the threatening dragon behind it. I easily performed another sit and stay. We then did some more heel work, going closer and closer to the fence. Then we moved away again and I was a lot more relaxed, as the dragon seemed content to stay the other side of the fence.

She asked me to sit and stay again. The liver cake was really tasty, so I immediately sat and thought about the piece of liver cake I’d soon be eating. Then I noticed that my biped was nearer the fence than I was and I almost got up, but she very quickly said, “stay” in a very firm voice and I stayed. She quickly returned to me and gave me another piece of the liver cake. We repeated this a few times and it was really difficult to stay and earn the liver cake! She made a fuss of me and said, “You are a good girl, even with that tasty liver cake, I could see it was difficult for you with your new-found protective tendencies!”

Later, I heard my bipeds talking about the enormous steam cleaner that the neighbour hired and used to clean the block paving in his garden every year. They could believe that if they wanted, but I knew it was really a dragon.

See you next Wednesday!


  1. You showed great courage Clowie. I wonder if my neighbour has a dragon he could bring out so I could get some tasty liver cake? Sounds almost worth having a dragon next door to get the cake, especially as it stayed next door and no-one was hurt.
    Hmmm must think more about this 🙂

  2. Stan loves liver cake but I dont think he would be brave enough to do heel work next to a dragon to earn it! Well done.

  3. Your human must have felt to well protected – you are such a brave girl Clowie. Those water-spitting dragons are scary and you certainly don’t want to get spat on by them – it hurts!

  4. Yooo are soo brave Clowie..I would of been straight in doors and under dat bed..Every Dawg/Humom for themselves in this case!! Bol.
    Have a great day… I luv’s Wednesdays when I’s can wead yor stories 🙂
    Hugs Mollie xxxx

  5. Oh my Clowie , a close encounter with a dragon. How brave were you to try and protect your human. A happy day to all of you.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. BOL I hadn’t read your post when I wrote mine, that is soooo funny that you were in such close proximity to a real live dragon!!

  7. Dragons are everywhere! There’s one right around the corner from me. Mom calls it a “motorcycle”. I know better. I attack every time I see it.

    Love and licks,

  8. Oh Clowie! Good for you being so protective of your bipeds! Of course it was really a dragon – it’s name was “STEAM CLEANER” (or so they say) and it apparently will be visiting every year so stay alert!

    Bravo brave Clowie
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. Clowie, dragons are real, don’t let the humans fool you, attack and protect them every time you see one, don’t do like Doggy does, he hears the hairdryer and he runs to it so you can blow some hot hair on him, talk about a guard dog…

  10. You are so brave Clowie. And your biped knows it. But she doesn’t know what YOU know about dragons. I guess you’ll have to humor her and eat cake (liver ones that is!). I’m sending you a hug around the neck!!

  11. I wonder if your Biped even knows how many times a day you save her from all kinds of things? Just like you smell liver treats from far far away, you can sniff out danger and alert your bi-peds. Being a hero all day must be tiring work? Maybe good to catch a few winks on a grassy spot to be ready for the next job.

  12. Brave fur ball you deserve a big hearty meal :-). Hope things are ok overall xxx

  13. When I was growing up my rat terrier protector always attacked the vacuum cleaner, no matter how hard my mother tried to keep him away from it. What did he know that I didn’t? I wonder what it really was….

  14. Hi Clowie, I think we have a dragon too in our house, I’ve heared the same noise and saw puffs of steam…or was it my mom when she saw what someone (NOT ME) has done with a shopping bag?

  15. Wow, learning sounds like fun when liver cakes are involved! I bet you can hardly wait until the dragon comes back.

  16. i’d be wary of those sneaky dragons, too! 🙂

    thanks for stopping in today and leaving a comment on the anti-word verification post. wish more people would remove it. 🙂

  17. joulesandprescott

    Hi Clowie,
    Thank dogness you are there to protect your mom! That sounded like one scary beast. Keep up the protective instincts, our humans need it!
    Your furbuddies, Joules & Prescott

  18. Hey Clowie, Jet here.

    You were so brave and thoughtful to protect your biped. In exchange, your biped was so thoughtful to think of what you might be experiencing. 🙂

    We’ve had that dragon here, too… usually once a year or so…

  19. i believe you!!! you are so brave, barks

  20. We’ve never heard of liver cake, but we believe we kitties would like it. We aren’t sure anything would get us near that dragon, unless we knew someone had dedded it. You know, just in case, We aren’t called scaredy cats for nothing!

  21. Wow a dragon. You were so big and brave for one so young. Here in New Zealand there are no dragons, but we have taniwha. Me and Nellie have never seen a taniwha but you never know, one day we might.

    • Thank you, it was the first time I was really protective.
      I’d never heard of taniwha, but I’ve just looked them up. I think you should be fine if you tackle one together.

  22. Hello, Clowie – My Mum got all excited when she saw the title of your post: she explained to me that both she and my Dad were born in the Year of the Dragon. Personally, I don’t see why that’s such a big deal – I was born in the Year of the Greyhound and I think that’s FAR more exciting! 🙂

    It seems to me that you were very brave, Clowie – you can’t be too careful with things like that.

    Hey – I see that Jasper is in New Zealand! I’m in New Zealand as well, and I’ve never heard of a taniwha. I’ve asked my Mum to tell me all about them, so she’s looking them up as well (she’s English, you see) and we’re going to read about them together. I think you should be safe where you are though, Clowie. Just keep an eye out for steam… 🙂

    Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

    • The stories about dragons are fascinating and it looks, from what little I’ve read so far, that the taniwha is just as interesting. It’s great to talk to people so far away and learn about other countries.
      It’s exciting for you to have the year of the Greyhound. I have my very own calendar – anything that happened before my birth is BC (before Clowie)!
      I will keep a careful watch.

  23. Aww Clique what a lovely pyreneeeeeee you are working so hard to protect your biped and so bravely and heroically giving no thought to the dangers to yourself from this huge firey steam spitting devil dragon! Be careful when you’re liver cake training your bipeds that the dragon doesn’t get a taste for liver cake and leap frog over the fence to barbecue both you and the liver cake!

    • It hadn’t occurred to me that dragons might like liver cake – that’s a really worrying thought! I thought they fed on bipeds. It could steal my liver cake while I’m protecting a biped – oh dear!

      • Yees 😉 It could be problematic couldn’t it? Oh Fire Breathing Icewolves!! Well maybe it would back off if it was slapped into line by the moi! The mighty all-powerful lol Alpha Female of the Europa Pack 😀 You’d think so wouldn’t you…but then again 😉 Maybe I could pilfer your liver cake while you’re busy protecting a biped from wolfish big and dangerous dragons, instead!! Over my wolfie paw Clowie!! That was a truly Olympic thought! I am feeling quite feverish with excitement just thinking about it! Dragon fired Olympic Liver Cake…sprinting the 800 m track to escape without getting eaten by Clowie! Gold medal for Wolfie 😀 😉

        • I don’t mind sharing the live cake with you, especially if you helped sort out the dragon. Your medal wouldn’t do you much good when I caught you, if you stole it all though!

  24. Clique???!!!!! Oops 😉 Sorry…should say Clowie…silly phone making me do all those typos 🙂

  25. Now see, Clowie, this post is the PURRFECT opportunity to point up the fundamental difference between woofies and kitties. A woofie sees and hears a dragon next door, and thinks immediately of her duty to Protect the Human. The woofie takes terrible chances and risks great purrsonal injury to do so.

    The kitty says, “Good luck, Human! See ya!” and takes off. If it’s something REALLY scary, the kitty skips the “Good luck, Human” part and just skedaddles.

    Thanks for visiting me today!

    • Thank you for being brave enough to visit me!
      My cats think like you, but they’re very pleased to have me around to protect them. If something bothers them and the bipeds are busy, they come to me.

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