The first time I ever saw a kitten

I’ve already told you about when I met Pippin – the first time I ever saw a cat. Pippin needed some time to adjust to the idea of having a puppy in the house. Mulberry was a kitten and he was a lot more enthusiastic about the idea.

I’d been in my home for a few days when I met Mulberry. He is only a couple of months older than I am. One of the bipeds opened the kitchen door and Mulberry charged in and landed on my head, knocking me over! He seemed to think that I was a new toy for him. Once I got up again, we bounced around the room together. He jumped on my head a few more times – he seemed to find it amusing when I fell over. We had a lot of fun, but as soon as I was tired the biped took Mulberry away again and I had a nice nap.

Mulberry on footstools

Mulberry on his footstools!

I saw Mulberry at least once every day after that. He liked to climb in my water bowl and play with the water. We would play chase around the room, but he always jumped on a bench if I got close to catching him. He would then wait for me to sit still and he’d run across the room and land on my head – he could knock me over in this way until I was almost four months old, even though he was so much smaller than I was.

When I got a bit better at catching him, he invented a new game. He would sit on the bench in the kitchen and I would reach up with my face. He would tap me on the nose with his paws and I would try to touch him with my nose. When I could reach him more easily, he sat at the back of the bench so that I was still stretching. However good I got at this game, Mulberry always won – he made the rules and changed them when he wanted.

Then one day we’d been playing for a little while when I noticed that his tail was dangling down at the back of the bench. I put my head underneath the seat of the bench and gripped his tail firmly and tugged. He fell off the back of the bench onto the floor. I was sure I’d won this time! But Mulberry was cross, he immediately left the kitchen. He wouldn’t play with me for a few days after that. When he did decide to play with me again, he made sure to keep his tail tucked up on the bench.

He still changed the rules of the game all the time, but I didn’t mind because I enjoyed playing with him. I really thought that winning was going to be a lot more fun than it was – I missed playing with Mulberry. That’s how I learnt that cats make the rules of games and they reserve the right to change them at any time without telling you.

Mulberry lying on his back

Tickle my tummy!

We still play a version of this game. Mulberry lies on his back on the sofa and I try to touch his tummy with my nose. He taps my nose with his paws, never a claw in sight. Visitors who don’t know us very well think it looks quite scary. Mulberry always says he’s won, but I don’t mind – it’s just fun to play together!

See you next Wednesday!


  1. Aw, this is so sweet, I’m so glad you have a kitty friend. Boomer grew up with one and loves them because of it… Dottie not so much so we can’t have kitties now.

  2. Mulberry is a cutie, and your right about them making up the rules everything has to be on there terms.


  3. I have 2 cat brothers…one keeps to himself and the other thinks he’s top DOG!!!

  4. Oh Clowie! You naughty naughty girl! Poor Mulberry 😀 But it does sound very cute how you two play together now…you’re a very lucky Pyreeeeeeeeeee to have such a good natured playmate who hasn’t totally held your naughty behaviour against you!! 😀

  5. Mulberry, you are such a fluffmiester!!!! Tummy rubs sent your way…prrrrrrrr….Woofs and wags to Clowie from Trev Bear!!!!

  6. Someone should have explained to you that we cats are entitled to change the rules…your humans know that cats are superior to everybody…we think you were set up!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  7. Mulberry looks such a cool dude on that settee 🙂 I bet you make a great looking couple being both so furry 🙂

  8. Cats are like women that way. You know, right, that women’s minds are cleaner than men’s? It’s because they change them more frequently. 😉

  9. I dunno Clowie… that sounds like a dangerous game to me!!!!

  10. Mulberry looks like a great friend to play with. But all that soft fur must make a bit of a mess around the house sometimes!

  11. Yes, that is the way kitties are. Kittens are such charming little animals, we wish they would stay small and adorable. We’re glad you enjoy them too.

  12. Mulberry looks like fun! But Clowie, Cats makes all the rules!

  13. I’m so impressed that you play so nicely with Mulberry, even if he does get to make all the rules. Cat’s always do, you know, whether you’re dog or human.

  14. Oh, Mulberry is so cute! It’s so unlike my kitty neighbours; they are small and bossy and I never like them because they always sit on the wall and challenge me to jump on to the wall.


    • Hi Eva, Mulberry is cute – and he knows it! I think lots of cats like to sit high up where they are out of reach – and then they look smug about it.

  15. Hey Clowie,

    How fun to have Mulberry to play with, even if he does make the rules – I love the tail story – Tee Hee

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hi Snoopy, he is fun to play with, I don’t really mind if he wins every game. I’m not sure why he couldn’t see the funny side of being pulled down by his tail though!

  16. Oh what a beautiful belly! I’m glad you got to play with him.

    I wanted to also let you know I gave you two awards.. you can retrieve them at it’s the top and the second one from the top. Enjoy!

  17. Clowie,what a friend you have in Mulberry with such a delightful name! Your friend Nancy and our girls Millie & Oceana

  18. Thank you for visiting this morning. You are a very handsome doggie and Mulbberry a bootiful kitty. It’s so nice you have each other to play with. I think you are a gentle giant.

  19. Sweet Clowie what a fun post. And oh, how fluffy and pretty Mulberry is. It seems you and he really enjoy your games and have a lot of fun no matter who makes the rules or wins. This was a very sweet post. Hugs and nose kisses

  20. That is such a cute story! Reminds me of when our cat met the neighbors dog for the first time, though I’m sure I’ve related this story. To this day, he lets her follow him when he’s hunting and never protests when she tries to sniff his butt or lick his nose! He likes her that much 🙂

    • Thank you! Your cat must like the dog very much to allow his nose to be licked – my cats object to licking! They do allow me to sniff their butt, as long as I’ve been polite and sniffed noses first.

  21. Cats are very good at making up games! Shelli likes to pretend she’s a lion in the Serengeti and she will jump on Pogo’s back and try to take him down as if he was a gazelle!

  22. Clowie, it is a long way down these days to leave you a comment! One very popular girl! So purrleased I came backwards to read this most delightful post! Mulberry and you are one funny pair of playmates. You so big now and he still so much smaller! We are smiling!

    • Savvy, it’s almost my first blog anniversary – I’m really pleased with how it’s gone! Mulberry thought I was a toy, I’m sure of it! It’s really funny now to think of him knocking me over like that! But puppies are so clumsy compared with kittens, he just used to knock me off balance.

      • oh I know…but you are such a lovely polite woofie Clowie…and I can’t believe you are also looking at your first blog anniversary. Mine is April 1!! We are still sorting out if we can send raffle and contest prizes internationally…sigh

  23. mulberry is such a little hearth rug! I don’t know which I like more, cat tales or dog tales!

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