The chair scare

Mulberry, the cat, likes to take some exercise most days. He runs as fast as he can in one direction, when he runs out of room he jumps and spins and runs in another direction. When he’s feeling adventurous he likes to pretend he’s a ninja cat and he bounces against something to change direction.

Mulberry, Persian cat

Mulberry, relaxing in the doorway to the terrace

There used to be some plastic garden chairs left on the terrace and he would sometimes bounce off those. Then one day he discovered that if he jumped against the back of the chair he could knock it over. He thought that was great fun!

He played this a few times and then one day we heard a chair fall over and then there was a terrible wailing noise. I have never heard such a loud noise come from a cat! I leapt to my paws to go and see what was wrong. The female biped hurried out onto the terrace and I followed her.

She went across to where Mulberry appeared to be fighting a chair. She spoke to him in a soothing voice to tell him she was there and then she bent down and held him by the shoulders, saying, “Keep still!”

plastic garden chair

The villain

Mulberry stopped struggling and he turned the volume down a little. His leg was caught in one of the gaps in the back of the chair. The biped felt his leg and tried to slide it up to where the gap was wider, but that made Mulberry wail very loudly again so she stopped.

The male biped had been getting the car out, but he’d heard the racket that Mulberry was making and returned.

“What’s that noise? What’s happened?” he wanted to know.

The female biped explained that Mulberry’s leg was stuck and how she’d tried to move it, but she was worried about harming Mulberry. He nodded and started pushing and pulling at the back of one of the other chairs. I waited a moment. He must surely see his mistake! He didn’t, so I nudged him gently to get his attention and looked towards the chair that was the problem.

He patted me and said, “Thank you, Clowie. Do you think I should try this on Mulberry’s chair?”

He told the other biped that he was going to flex one slat forwards and one slat back and she should try to slide Mulberry’s leg again. Mulberry gave one of his loudest wails, but his leg was free! The biped held onto him, looked at his leg, and then put him down gently. He disappeared as fast as his legs would carry him!

The male biped said, “He’s using all four legs, I think that’s a good sign!”

They left Mulberry to calm down for a little while and then rattled the treat container and called him. He was pleased to get a cuddle and the bipeds checked his leg more thoroughly. The chair had done Mulberry no real harm.

The bipeds made up a little song that they kept singing for weeks.

A cat is stuck!
There in the chair!
Where in the chair?
Right there!
A cat who wails so loud
Well I declare!
Wailing and wailing, he’s stuck in the chair
Oh yeah

They took inspiration from the chorus of this song. It’s the sort of tune that sticks in your head for the day!

Mulberry wouldn’t go near those garden chairs after that, but he isn’t scared of any other chairs!

Mulberry, Persian cat on footstool

These chairs are much safer!

See you next Wednesday!


  1. That must have been quite the painful lesson for poor Mulberry. It reminded me of a time when I was only about 6. I used to have fun jumping over the very short picket fence that separated our backyard from the neighbor’s. Then came the day when I misjudged and got my foot stuck between the slats. I think I know exactly how Mulberry felt!

    • I think it must have been painful, his leg was wedged quite hard in the gap.
      Your experience with the fence sounds painful. I hope you escaped with as little real damage as Mulberry did.

  2. I am so glad you were there to let your bipeds know what to do to rescue Mulberry from that villainous chair. You deserve an award for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. Cats do some strange things sometimes!

  3. Poor Mulberry, he must have been very scared!

  4. OMC Clowie, he sounds like a VERY funny cat! I have this image of a cat bouncing off garden chairs now… A feral kitten at my mom’s house got his foot caught yesterday. But he wasn’t as lucky as Mulberry. He was stuck on her fence and when she finally got him down, he was definitely injured. Thankfully, animal control was able to come and get him.

    • He is a funny cat. He likes to hide and dart out to surprise me!
      Mulberry was lucky. He was very frightened, but stayed still when told. The feral kitten must have been petrified of the people trying to help him as well – poor little thing! I hope he isn’t too badly injured.

  5. Oh Clowie poor Mulberry ..cats do have a way with getting into mischief! and those plastic chairs can be plain nasty!! glad the outcome was good and that all normal activity resumed to the household…including couch snoozing 🙂 Hugs Fozziemum xx

  6. Oh poor Mulberry, it sounded like such a fun game pretending to be a Ninja too, bad chairs spoiling all the fun! Super happy he wasn’t hurt!

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  7. Glad he’s not trying that again with those chairs…smart cat! 🙂

  8. Mulberry put his foot in it, didn’t he!! Glad he’s ok :)))

  9. So glad Mulberry was OK!! He sounds like a crazy cat who likes to have fun. Who would have guessed the chair would attack him like that? It must have been scary for a bit for you and your humans with him wailing like that.

  10. Our Minx runs like that too but hasn’t gotten stuck. We love the beautiful windmill and enjoyed the You Tube video 🙂

  11. Oh Clowie, I am so glad Mulberry is okay! Thank goodness cats have none lives!
    Have a great weekend.

  12. guess what, Chloé: I have exactly the same garden chairs… 🙂 friendly greetings and my very best! Have a relaxing weekend, take care, stay healthy and safe! Mélanie

  13. Wow, Mulberry is so lucky that chair didn’t really hurt him! You’ve just got to watch out for mean chairs 😉

  14. Thank goodness you were there to help your humans help that beautiful kitty out of the chair.

  15. Wow, poor Mulberry. That must have hurt like crazy. Glad the Dad was able to get him out. And that was such a good song to go along with the adventure. Mulberry really is a handsome boy. Take care.

  16. Oh, poor Mulberry! That sounds very scary. I’m sure that evil chair was waiting to get it’s revenge for being tipped over! It was very smart of you to point out to the biped that he was working on the wrong chair. Silly biped. 🙂

  17. What a cutie Mulberry is. He sure is happy to have you as a friend! I’m glad he isn’t hurt!

  18. What relief that no legs were harmed in the making of this story! And what a shame that Mulberry had to give up such a fun game. 🙁

    • He did think he was clever when he knocked the chairs over! He likes to jump out from hiding places to scare us, but it’s hard to look scary when you’re that cute!

  19. Its amazing the things cats can think of getting into! We had kitties that “banked” off items too while playing THoE (Thundering Herd of Elephants). So glad nothing serious happened to Mulberry. Thankfully he wasn’t at home alone!

    • I think he’d have made things worse if we hadn’t got to him quickly. We had an open wooden staircase in one house and the cats liked to run up and down making as much noise as possible – my bipeds called that THoE!

  20. ok, ok Clowie…I can see that “I so gotta get me one of these”…(meaning a Great Pyr Woofie!) Blessings on Mulberry

  21. Mulberry is quite the character. Luv cats they are so mischievous. Ours is constantly stirring trouble & seeing what he can get into. but it’s so part of their charm. This story reminded me of the Charlie Brown cartoon the Thanksgiving special, where snoopy get’s into the fight with the chair. Remember that one? (lol) Loved the post of Mulberry’s adventures. 🙂

    • Mulberry really is a character. It’s a good thing he’s so cute with it!
      I love Charlie Brown, but I don’t remember that one. I’ll have to see if I can find it now!
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading about Mulberry.

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  23. What a scene. Poor Mulberry must have been thinking that chair had ‘caught’ him. Glad everything turned out well. Both your kitties are too adorable for words.

    • Yes, poor Mulberry was very frightened! It’s one of those things that’s funny afterwards, knowing no real harm was done, but very worrying at the time. Thank you, I think they’re rather cute!

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