The point of distraction

Large dog jumping up

I’m going to answer a Frequently Barked Question today. FBQ: How do I stop my Great Pyrenees, or Pyrenean Mountain Dog, from jumping up? It’s a fairly common cause of concern amongst people who live with dogs. We dogs tend to be more enthusiastic with our greetings than bipeds are.…

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After you

I had this conversation with my biped when she was helping me with my correspondence this week. Biped: Someone has left a question for you, Clowie. This person asks, “Why does a Great Pyrenees, or Pyrenean Mountain Dog, always have to go through the door first?” Clowie: We don’t! B:…

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A sit in time saves nine

One of the very first things that one of my bipeds taught me as a puppy was to sit. She held a treat close to my nose and, before I could take it, she lifted her hand slightly and moved it above my head. My nose was following the treat…

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