Not such a bitter pill to swallow

I know you’ve been keen to hear how my biped coped with giving me injections and today I’m telling you that part of the tale. (This tale began with Paws for Thought, followed by Public Examination, then Incredulity Overload and Curiouser and Curiouser.)

The day after meeting David, the vet, we had to be up early. We drove to the airport with the male biped. We parked the car and he went inside and checked in. Then he came back and we had breakfast together in the car park. We know how to have fun!

When the male biped left to catch his flight, I set off with the female biped to go home again. On the way back we stopped for a break and to stretch our legs at a spot overlooking a large reservoir. A camper van was parked and some people were cooking their breakfast. They were enjoying their holidays and wanted to meet me. They also wanted to share their breakfast with me – which was a lovely bonus!

Mediano bell tower, submerged village, reservoir

The church bell tower of a submerged village can often be seen in the summer
Attribution: Juan R. Lascorz [CC BY-SA 3.0, GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

When we arrived back home, it was still quite early. The biped had some things to do, so I settled down for a nap.

When I woke up again, the biped said it was time to give me my injection. She put a clean towel on the table and put the things she needed on it. She checked she had everything and then she checked again. I went across to her to get a better view of what she was doing and she asked me to sit.

She took the bottle of antibiotic liquid out of its box. She put a needle on a syringe and inserted it through the seal on the bottle. She filled the syringe, just as David had shown her, and then she held it up and checked it.

She turned to me and said, “Keep still, Clowie!”

She drew a deep breath and put her left hand on me and then inserted the needle into me in one smooth motion with her other hand. She pushed the end of the syringe to force the liquid out. She then pulled the syringe away and put it down on the table. She gave me a big hug and a tasty treat.

She said, “You weren’t nervous at all, were you?”

I nudged her with my head, so that she’d stroke behind my ears. Of course I hadn’t been nervous!

She said, “Well, I was nervous enough for both of us!”

The next day it didn’t take her nearly as long to get ready. I think she used all her nerves up on the first day. I still got a big hug and some treats for being good and keeping still for her.

On the third day, she said that it was easier to give me an injection than it was to throw pills down my throat! She says I’m not very good about taking tablets. I don’t know what she’s complaining about. It’s not like I resist. I sit still and allow her to open my mouth, but swallowing the tablet if I don’t have to would be ridiculous!

It doesn’t matter what they wrap tablets up in, I detect the tablet and spit it out. That is why she has to get them to the back of my throat, but if they’re not far enough back I still manage to spit them out.

I was happy to have injections, it’s much quicker than pesky tablets and I still get treats. Good old David!

See you next Wednesday!

Aqua paw print

P.S. My paw quickly returned to its normal size.


  1. When we had mastiffs, which are about as big as Clowie, giving them pills was just nasty. We’d have all our had and half our arm wet with drool by the time we’d get the pill down the throat – and they were good sports.’I can just imagine what it would be like if they resisted! I’d prefer an injection too!

    • My biped is laughing – she says she knows how you feel! I don’t know what she’s worried about – I sit still, but it isn’t pleasant having a biped reaching into your mouth!

  2. We just got caught up reading all these event in past posts and up to this..boy you sure do not have a boring life sweet Clowie! i am so glad your poor paw got better..and i have had to give Doc needles before for his arthritis..first time is scary then it is ok..but i think us humans freak out more 🙂 loves Fozziemum xx

    • I have some wonderful adventures. My paw got better really quickly, much to my bipeds’ relief!
      My biped agrees the first time is scary. I expect Doc is as relaxed about it as I am.

  3. What is it with humans and injections? Such wimps 😉 Love the photo of the bell tower peeping out.
    Animalcouriers recently posted…Reunions for Xania, Gigi, Toffee and Coby when we reach the UKMy Profile

  4. it’s not easy to put a needle in a dog, I agree. and the first time is not the best (coca cola commercial is wrong lol). but after all an injection is better than pills , that’s true. btw: before my mom saw the light on that front, she had an embarrassing adventure at the dogtor who tried to give her an injection. she ran away in her underwear and the assistant had to chase her for 87 hours… sadly the assistant was young and had longer legs than my momma and she ended with a shot and a coward badge awarded by the dogtor…

    • When it comes to giving an injection, the first time is definitely the worst!
      That doctor and assistant must have had hearts of stone to chase your momma and make her have the injection.

  5. Yay for your gorgeous paw. Your mom was very brave! My mom is pretty sure she wouldn’t have been able to do that to me, even though she gives herself an injection once a week. I am a great swallower of pills. I don’t even care whether they’re hidden in something or not.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake recently posted…HappinessMy Profile

    • My biped says that she would have preferred to give herself an injection than stick the needle in me that first time! Your mom knows she can do injections on herself, so I’m sure she’d manage if she really needed to.
      You should insist on really tasty treats with pills, Cupcake!

  6. I knew you would both do great! Injections over pills and old time!

  7. I can understand your biped mom being more nervous than you. We don’t want to hurt our fur family. I remember many times going IV to rehydrate dehydrated dogs. That wasn’t fun either but all your cousins, our dogs, were calmer than I/we were. You and other fur babies are our best teachers. And I know no better lesson than to not stress. Happy week to you and your bipeds, Clowie.
    Paulette Mahurin recently posted…Mankind has learned nothing from historyMy Profile

    • I’m never nervous! Bipeds worry far too much.
      Giving an IV must be more difficult, it requires some accuracy. I’m glad the dogs were good about it.
      Enjoy the rest of the week!

  8. My huskies are horrible with swallowing tablets too. I have to hide them in a spoonful of peanut butter or they always get spit out! LOL!
    Good thing for Dr. Dave huh Clowie?
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…A Dog Is The Only Thing On earth…My Profile

  9. Earl and Ethel are brilliant with tablets; they’ll eat them up on their own, just like they’re delicious foodies!! 😀
    Earl Lover recently posted…Big Smiles For SugarMy Profile

  10. I’d much rather give our lot injections any day…they are nice about things generally, but swallowing tablets is not in their hit parade. Hide it how i will, they always find the tablet…
    I’m glad the paw is better.

  11. Our crew has always been good about taking pills (knock wood). The cat is another story however! I still hope I never have to give any of them injections, I would be so nervous about doing it wrong. Your biped did a great job and she was very brave….good for her!
    Jan K recently posted…Beagle Play Date/HikeMy Profile

    • Cats always make up their own rules!
      My biped was nervous the first time, but after that she says it was okay. It’s something she never imagined she’d need to do.

  12. Mom has given kitties injections and said it wasn’t bad at all. None of us dogs have needed them at home. Nice of you to behave nicely.
    Emma recently posted…Officer Emma On The JobMy Profile

    • My biped agrees that giving an injection is not bad at all – after the first time! “Keep still” is something even the cats do fairly well, but I did get treats and lots of praise.

  13. My brave friend Clowie…….I’m glad your Mom was able to give you injections easily. My Mom has often said she’d almost RATHER give me my thyroid meds in a shot than having to sneak a pill into me!

    Hugs, Sammy
    Sammy recently posted…Miss AlaineousMy Profile

  14. I’m just the opposite of you, Clowie. I’d much prefer a pill to a shot any day!
    jmmcdowell recently posted…Five Ghostly Discoveries From The Author Of “The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts”My Profile

  15. Good for you Clowie!! I have injections as the human can’t pill me to save her (or my) life!!! xxx
    Austin Towers recently posted…A Seismic Event!My Profile

    • I’ve seen how difficult it can be to get a cat to do something. I’m always amazed at how you manage to get your back legs up and around to get an arm that’s holding your head! It would be great to be that supple!

  16. We don’t know what you are having to take antibiotics for sweet Clowie but we hope you are getting all better. That is some great time work going on there with you and your sweet biped. Good job! Thanks for stopping by and visiting our blog. Wish we could visit you more often. Hugs and nose kisses
    Mag’s Corner recently posted…I First Thought It Was A SnakeMy Profile

  17. Oh your biped did much better than I did… I was so scared about the “pop” the large needle to inject fluids into Gryphon made while practicing with the vet that the first time I did the fluids myself I didn’t know I hadn’t gotten the needle in the skin. It was just buried deep in my cats thick fur so when I turned the fluids on, they just sprayed all over! Poor Gryphon. Tired and sick and then all wet! I didn’t make that mistake again and injecting Gryphon was easier than pilling him or giving him oral liquids. I wish I had known that the rest of his 19 years! I am glad your biped learned about injecting you, Clowie, and that your paw was better fast!

    • Poor Gryphon getting all wet! My biped says she can easily understand how that could happen when you’re nervous and trying to be gentle. She also wishes she’d known that she could give injections a lot sooner than she did! Some of our cats haven’t been as cooperative as Mulberry and Pippin!

  18. There you go, easy peasy! I think to, the needles are so much faster and less drama than a pill. Once we were to give our kitty anti-biotics and they were banana flavoured. I put them in a syringe that didn’t have a needle and then squirted them in her mouth. She’d have banana flavoured cream all over sometimes and then have to do a little bath time. I always love watching my kitties bathe.

    Happy to hear your paw is all better now x B
    Boomdee recently posted…It’s Da Bomb!My Profile

    • Now my biped has done it she agrees an injection is much easier than pills.
      Your kitty must have looked funny with cream everywhere! Our kitties spend a lot of time grooming themselves and sometimes they groom my tail.

  19. Bless her Clowie, she’s very brave. I’m not sure I’d be able to do it!
    Jodi recently posted…Dodge DogMy Profile

  20. I knew she could do it! 🙂 Good point that it can sometimes be easier than pills. Some dogs are just stubborn about that – like you, Clowie. The treats and hugs are nice too, yes? I’m so glad your paw went back to normal after that.
    Debbie D. recently posted…NOTHING ELSE MATTERS – BATTLE OF THE BANDS #BOTBMy Profile

    • Stubborn is a word I’ve heard often! Treats and hugs are always welcome. My biped would definitely rather give injections than pills now – it’s just the first time that’s hard.

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