Not on my watch!

I’ve told you about some of the things that I did to liven up puppy classes, I don’t know why the trainer called it causing chaos! After I stopped going to puppy classes, we tried several different classes for adult dogs. Most of them were fairly dull, but we found one we enjoyed.

A farmer allowed the trainer to hold classes in one of his barns that he didn’t use very much. There were all kinds of interesting smells and lots of space. After attending the intermediate class for a few months, I joined the advanced class. There were only about a dozen of us. There was one Labrador who was just having fun and spicing up her training like me, the rest of the class were all Border Collies who entered obedience competitions.

This particular week, we were doing our off lead heel work. We all had a turn at using as much of the barn as we wished, while the other bipeds and dogs sat and watched from one end of the barn. When it came to our turn my biped left her bag behind the chair, as she usually did. We moved out into the centre of the barn and my biped asked me to sit and then she removed my lead and draped it round her neck. The trainer then asked us to go through the moves we’d been learning. I watched my biped closely and did everything she asked, I could tell she was really pleased with me.

The trainer said, “Clowie’s working really well with you this week. She’s really giving you her attention. Have some fun together and mix things up, show us what you can do!”

My biped decided to pick up the pace a bit. We started jogging and she kept making sudden changes of direction. I could tell my biped was having fun, so it was a shame when something more important needed my attention. I gave one warning bark and tore off across the barn. I arrived by the chairs and barked twice at Tommy. He immediately started grovelling – he didn’t want any trouble.

Border Collie, black and white

I don’t have a photo of Tommy, but he looks a lot like this dog

Attribution: By Lilly M (za zgodą mojej znajomej – wikipedystki) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The trainer asked, “What was that all about?”

My biped, who was running across the barn in my direction replied that she didn’t know.

Tommy’s biped piped up, “I know! Don’t worry, everything is fine now.”

My biped arrived and clipped the lead to my collar.

Tommy’s biped continued, “Clowie was quite within her rights. I was enjoying watching you working together and I didn’t notice Tommy had slipped his collar. Clowie caught him with his head in your bag! I expect he was after treats. Clowie warned him and he started grovelling. I don’t think he’ll try to take anything from your bag again.”

The trainer said, “Clowie has shown you all how observant a Pyrenean Mountain Dog is. Whatever else she’s doing, her real focus is on protecting her biped and even her belongings!”

It was the end of the evening and everyone wanted to tell me how clever I was to catch Tommy red-pawed. They told my biped how safe they would feel if they knew that I was protecting them. They were impressed that I could do obedience work and still not miss a thing that was happening.

See you next Wednesday!


  1. Clowie beautiful one xo
    <3 Your writing style is changing , i love the longer stories like this
    so much heart and soul in Your words xxxx

  2. Quite impressive Miss Clowie! What great multi-tasking 🙂

  3. Wow! You are one alert doggie! Tommy isn’t going to try to steal treats again, I’m sure. Kudos on keeping your people safe! Much love, the Scottie Mom.

  4. Very impressive Clowie! And treats are worth protecting, too.

  5. Clowie, you are remarkable! Your bipeds are certainly in good paws!

  6. Wow Clowie! I am impressed!! Quite the superdog 🙂

  7. Tommy had a plan to catch all your mom´s attention…
    I am glad you were able to turn the whole situation in your favour…
    You, are such cute & smart puppy… Well done 😉

    Paws/Hugs, Aquileana 😉

  8. Clowie, You really showed them didn’t you. It is so sweet and important how you always protect your Biped’s interests. I am quite proud of you. Being a Biped myself, I believe a friend like you would be nice to have around. Thank you for sharing this story with me. Take care, Biped Bill — BTW thank you for stopping by my place and leaving some comments. again Take care

    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked my story. I even protect them when I’m sleeping. I can sleep through any normal noise, but I’ll wake up at the slightest unusual sound and be ready for action.

  9. Love the story., so witty I am glad you finally caught your owner´s attention, Clowie, as you totally deserve it.. You are very clever & cute!!!…

    Paws/hugs, Aquileana 😉

  10. Tommy didn’t know who he was dealing with and thought he would sneak a treat, what a silly dog. He looks cute enough though so did you become pals later?

  11. Good Job Clowie!! You’re such a smartie! I’m pretty sure your biped won’t underestimate you anymore, right? 🙂 Well done!

  12. I must admit Clowie – if I smelled food in your biped’s bag I would have to investigate it…and eat it. I would feel really bad afterward but well – it’s FOOD. Lil the Lab

  13. You’re such a smartie, Clowie! I love that story 🙂

  14. Amazing! Talk about multi-tasking!

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