My First Halloween

I was five months old and we still lived in England, when I enjoyed my first Halloween. My bipeds started talking about it a couple of weeks beforehand. They said that it had become quite popular with the children in our village and we should be prepared, so that we could make it a positive part of my socialisation.

My bipeds talked to a few of the village children about it, when we were out on our walks. I heard them say that I was in charge of the treats this year, so I was really looking forward to it! They also said that there mustn’t be any tricks at all. That puzzled me because I often did tricks for treats, but I wasn’t worried as they’d said the treats would be special this year.

The day arrived and my bipeds put some of my favourite treats together in a bowl. They also put sweets and small cakes in another bowl. They had my attention! In the early evening the doorbell rang and I went to the door. I enjoyed answering the door with my bipeds. One of my bipeds clipped my lead to my collar – I was already sitting nicely. The other biped opened the door a little and spoke quietly to whoever was there.

Then they opened the door wider, so that I could see. I was a little surprised, I don’t mind admitting, it isn’t every day that Count Dracula and Frankenstein pay a call accompanied by a witch with a very large black cat walking on two legs!

Count Dracula said, “Hello Clowie!” and held out a piece of my favourite liver cake!

He hadn’t really fooled me for a moment – I knew he was one of the children from across the road. Frankenstein then spoke to me and offered me a treat, followed by the witch and then the cat. They all made a big fuss of me and I wagged my tail. My bipeds thanked them for visiting us early and gave them some sweets and cakes. They left to go and make more visits and we closed the door.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang again. We did the same as before. This time there were two ghosts and a monster at the door! They had treats for me and made a fuss of me. We gave them sweets and cake. This was great fun, I could see I was going to enjoy Halloween!

Our next visitors were a ghost, a zombie and a skeleton. I almost felt guilty taking the treat from a skeleton – he obviously needed it more than I did. But then I remembered that my bipeds would be giving him some sweets and I didn’t want to offend him!

The zombie said, “Watch me walk!”

He walked around in a strange manner and he looked a bit dazed. Then he asked, “Am I scary?”

My bipeds told him he looked very scary, but he didn’t look frightening at all – the male biped sometimes looks a bit like that when he gets home from work!

We had visits from quite a few more witches and monsters for the next hour or so. They all made a fuss of me and gave me treats, I found it very exciting.

They don’t celebrate Halloween at all where I live now, so I’m wondering if I could start a trend by dressing up and going round visiting. I can’t decide what to dress up as though – I don’t want to look so scary that I frighten people. What do you think I should wear?

Guy Fawkes Night is coming up and the fireworks have already begun, so I’d like to ask all bipeds to keep their animal friends safe. Wood Green have some excellent advice for keeping animals safe and relaxed – Keep Your Pets Safe and Sound.

See you next Wednesday!


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