My First Halloween

I was five months old and we still lived in England, when I enjoyed my first Halloween. My bipeds started talking about it a couple of weeks beforehand. They said that it had become quite popular with the children in our village and we should be prepared, so that we could make it a positive part of my socialisation.

My bipeds talked to a few of the village children about it, when we were out on our walks. I heard them say that I was in charge of the treats this year, so I was really looking forward to it! They also said that there mustn’t be any tricks at all. That puzzled me because I often did tricks for treats, but I wasn’t worried as they’d said the treats would be special this year.

The day arrived and my bipeds put some of my favourite treats together in a bowl. They also put sweets and small cakes in another bowl. They had my attention! In the early evening the doorbell rang and I went to the door. I enjoyed answering the door with my bipeds. One of my bipeds clipped my lead to my collar – I was already sitting nicely. The other biped opened the door a little and spoke quietly to whoever was there.

Then they opened the door wider, so that I could see. I was a little surprised, I don’t mind admitting, it isn’t every day that Count Dracula and Frankenstein pay a call accompanied by a witch with a very large black cat walking on two legs!

Count Dracula said, “Hello Clowie!” and held out a piece of my favourite liver cake!

He hadn’t really fooled me for a moment – I knew he was one of the children from across the road. Frankenstein then spoke to me and offered me a treat, followed by the witch and then the cat. They all made a big fuss of me and I wagged my tail. My bipeds thanked them for visiting us early and gave them some sweets and cakes. They left to go and make more visits and we closed the door.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang again. We did the same as before. This time there were two ghosts and a monster at the door! They had treats for me and made a fuss of me. We gave them sweets and cake. This was great fun, I could see I was going to enjoy Halloween!

Our next visitors were a ghost, a zombie and a skeleton. I almost felt guilty taking the treat from a skeleton – he obviously needed it more than I did. But then I remembered that my bipeds would be giving him some sweets and I didn’t want to offend him!

The zombie said, “Watch me walk!”

He walked around in a strange manner and he looked a bit dazed. Then he asked, “Am I scary?”

My bipeds told him he looked very scary, but he didn’t look frightening at all – the male biped sometimes looks a bit like that when he gets home from work!

We had visits from quite a few more witches and monsters for the next hour or so. They all made a fuss of me and gave me treats, I found it very exciting.

They don’t celebrate Halloween at all where I live now, so I’m wondering if I could start a trend by dressing up and going round visiting. I can’t decide what to dress up as though – I don’t want to look so scary that I frighten people. What do you think I should wear?

Guy Fawkes Night is coming up and the fireworks have already begun, so I’d like to ask all bipeds to keep their animal friends safe. Wood Green have some excellent advice for keeping animals safe and relaxed – Keep Your Pets Safe and Sound.

See you next Wednesday!


  1. Oh sweet Clowie I love your posts so much.

  2. Hey Clowie, Jet here.

    What a sweet Halloween story. Mom never thought of having the little bipeds give us treats! Excuse me a moment… MMMMOOOMMMM!!!! Clowie’s bipeds have this great idea…. (ok, that should do it!)

    We think you should be a polar bear! You’ve got the gorgeous fur in the right approximate shade!

  3. I’m glad to read that your first Halloween was a good one!

  4. Clowie we so enjoyed your Halloween story! Your bipeds were quite smart with how they socialized you about this holiday. Sending you lots of love! Dakota

  5. I know the handsome dog who used to live with my brother looked very Halloween-appropriate dressed as a ghost! Maybe that would get your new neighbors in the mood. I’ll bet you do miss those extra treats. 🙂

  6. Loved hearing all about your Halloween experience. 🙂

  7. That was such a good Halloween story Clowie. What a good way to get you used to strange things. That was terrific. We think you should go around and try to start some Halloween traditions. How about going as a Sheep. Happy Halloween to ya.

  8. Clowie, that’s real clever way to help you with socialization and give you yummy treats on a night that’s often scary here in the USA. Ma says I have to stay on a leash too, because I still like to run through the door to jump all over people. Hmmm…maybe she’ll make up a treat bag for me too – if she hasn’t already 😉 –

    Happy Howls!

  9. Out in the farming community we don’t get very many spooks visiting. But we still have lots of candy.

  10. Whatever you do, don’t dress like a coyote! They’re evil. Actually, most bipeds dress up like eveil things to keep them away. Maybe you should dress like a coyote.

  11. We dress like superman! nice blog. First time by!

  12. Hi Clowie!” As always you were a sweet pup and so well behaved ! Dad and Mom used to enjoy seeing the little ones all dressed up, but last ten years have not had anyone. No kids in their neighborhood. Maybe there will be some here in our new one. Pas crossed. BTW Clowie, how old are you now? And why did you move from Uk to Spain. Mom is just a snoopy old lady! MOL

    • They went on holiday when I was young and decided they liked it and wanted to move. They spent a couple of years finding out more and working on their Spanish and we moved. They wanted a change of lifestyle – and the scenery and climate are a bonus! I’m nine now. I hope you had a good Halloween.

      • Wow! That’s wonderful. I bet the climate is way more diverse than the UK! You must get seasons. You are a wise lady dog Clowie, and I am so happy you sure my furriend.

        • We certainly see a lot more sun and blue skies here! It’s surprising how much the temperature can change in the same day, especially in the winter. It can be well below freezing overnight, but be warm enough in a t-shirt in the middle of the day in the sun.

  13. Clowie, you should blaze the trail and introduce the tradition! I hope you have a fun day!

  14. That’s such a good idea! I wish I was home for Halloween to do the same for Lulu. Unfortunately, I’m working!

    Christie from

  15. Clowie, your parents are so thoughtful to make sure you are prepared for anything and not frightened by anything either. We hope you got treats this year too, to re-enforce the lesson! MOL

  16. Clowie, I commented on this yesterday and it does’t show up :(((
    What I said is that you should indeed dress up as one of the dogs of Resident Evil, and ask your mom to take you to the Plaza to get meat, I’m sure with your size and the make up you’ll get trucks full of meat.
    I’m somehow glad that Halloween is not big in Spain, I don’t wanna share my candies and also Doggy would be very annoyed by people ringing the bell.
    Liver cake sounds like a great treat to me.

    • That could work! The people in the meat shop don’t like dogs hanging around there at all.
      I think there have been a few gremlins hiding out in WordPress over the last few days.

  17. This is Stella the Great Newfenees (writing through my scribe). I envy you this Howlowe’en experience. We have it here in Canada – everyone in the shops around town dresses up. And on the way to get Elizabeth and bring her home from her bookshop yesterday, I saw all kinds of strange two-legged creatures walking around through the snow flurries. But no one comes to our house asking for treats. Elizabeth says we live to far from anyone for that. Too bad. It sounds like a lot of yummy fun!

    • It was a lot of fun. I was really tired at the end of the evening because I’d had such a good time. I envy you the snow! But in the winter we sometimes walk up the mountain to find the snow, when the weather is suitable – I’m looking forward to that!

  18. We do not like Halloween. We had for people to ring the door bell a lot, and usually my bipeds just go outside to give out candy. Today it is cold and raining on the poor little kids. Isn’t it strange that Lexie and I dress up and go into the contests with all the dogs dressed up and doesn’t bother us at all. However, the kids dressed dressed up really make me uncomfortable. We think it is great how your Mom taught you to be really comfortable no matter how the kids looked.

    • It’s a shame you don’t enjoy it. It can’t have been much fun for your bipeds standing outside, if the weather is bad. I hope you gave them lovely cuddles to warm them up when they come indoors.

  19. I think that your halloween sounds like wonderful fun! I am really glad that you had such a nice first Halloween Clowie 🙂

  20. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful Halloween!

  21. My bipeds did about the same thing with me. Didn’t you just love all those special treats?

  22. Clowie I am glad you had a great halloween, nd being in chrage of treats as well, what a awesome feat! This was kirby’s first halloween, and because he absolutely hatesdressing up (unfortunetly, whaaaa) I decided to get his a little cow boy hat and bandana hopeing it wouldn’t be too intrusive for him. Well the costume lasted about 2.5 seconds, but I loved handing out candy while having him help greet thekids with me, I figred it would help with his socialization too! 🙂 Hope you had a great halloween clowie, sure seems like you did! I love yourname by the way, suits you!

  23. No Halloween? Huh ?!? How else are you supposed to train puppies to not bark at vampires ?
    Maybe you could make another Clowie head and stick it on. You could be a two headed Dog.

    Or just get some REALLY BIG TEETH *wag wag wag*

  24. Hey Clowie,

    That’s a great way to introduce you to Halloween!! This was my third time, cos I’m 2, but I was born in April. We had my little human friend Charlotte staying at her house and she’s 2 as well, but this is the first time she was trying to understand it, she dressed as a Black Cat and whenever the door rang she ran to the door with the humans and gave out candy, now she’s enjoying it too!!

    I just hope you get to choose your costume (unlike me!) 🙂

    I hope Guy Fawkes night wasn’t too scary for you, Mum remembers that – we don’t have it here, but we have 4th July which I don’t like….

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hi Snoopy! It sounds as though your little human friend had a great time and I bet she looked cute. Fireworks don’t really worry me – which is a good thing as people seem to use them on more occasions than they used to. I’m going to think hard about my costume for next year!

  25. Your first Halloween sounds like it was delicious. We think you should start a Halloween tradition in your own neighborhood.
    -Bella and DiDi

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