My favourite outdoor games

I told you that I’m not a big fan of the game fetch. Since then I have been asked: What games do you like to play? I have also been asked: What games do Pyrenean Mountain Dogs (or Great Pyrenees) like to play?

I enjoy playing hide and seek – I’m usually doing the seeking. It’s usually very easy for me to find the biped, or cat, that I’m looking for because I make it my business to know where they are all the time. It’s important to me to know where they are so that I can protect them if necessary.

I enjoy playing tug with a rope toy. They taught me as a puppy to release the toy when asked. I sometimes release it without being asked! I find it very funny to wait until a biped is pulling really hard and then suddenly let go. If I time it well they almost fall over and then I can move in and run off with the toy, or just have a nice cuddle.

A ball like mine

A ball like mine

My favourite toy for outdoors is a big ball with a handle. It’s soft and I’ve punctured it with my teeth, but it doesn’t go flat. You can squash it flat, but when you release it air goes back in. It’s very exciting to play with because it’s very unpredictable. It’s impossible to roll it in a straight line because of the handle. When the bipeds kick it, it will suddenly change direction when the handle catches on the ground. But the really good part about the handle is that it makes it easy for me to pick the ball up and run off with it! Then the bipeds have to chase me and try to get it back. It’s the best game ever!

We also play a version of football (or soccer) with the ball. We have one goal area and the bipeds try to get the ball there to score a goal. I keep blocking them. They try to keep the ball on the move as much as possible because I’m often looking for the opportunity to pick it up and run off with it and play at keeping the ball. I make it very difficult for them to get it back. I hold onto it really tightly and I run and I twist and turn. It makes them laugh! Sometimes they don’t manage to get the ball back, but I let them take it when they tell me the game is over. Then they make a big fuss of me.

I enjoy digging in my special corner of the garden. I still sometimes find an unexpected treat or toy there. I enjoy taking logs from the woodshed, if someone has left the gate to that part of the garden open. I arrange them on the lawn. They always put them back again and close the gate!

I’ll tell you about the games I like to play indoors another day. What are your favourite games?

See you next Wednesday!


  1. You’re so lucky! Our Biped doesn’t let us go outside so we have to stick our noses out through the windows to get some fresh air! But of course, we’ll try to implement all of your game ideas indoors! ;))

  2. I love your games! Fetch and keep away are big ones here in our house.

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. lovely games for such a sweet animal and human xxxx
    lots o love xo C

  4. They all sound like great games, Clowie, but I really laughed over your letting go trick with the rope toy 🙂

  5. My buddy Remi and Mom’s horses love their Jolly Balls!

    Me? I am more of a tag and chase kind of dog. Fetch is fun for a while, but gets old fast. I don’t even think the flirt pole is all that great (meanwhile, Elsie is obsessed with it…). Sophie loves to toss socks around and play chase, too. Morgan mostly just chases and wrestles with Remi. We all love to look for birds and squirrels–that’s the best game for all of us. And I really like my training sessions–Mom makes them like one big game!

    • Thanks for visiting me, it’s nice to meet you. I don’t think I’d be interested in the flirt pole. All the other games you play sound like lots of fun! I usually enjoy training sessions – a chance to get more treats and we have a lovely game at the end.

  6. My rat terrier was a big fan of tug of war. And when he got really excited with playing, he would tear through the house at full speed. Then he would stop by someone, and if they moved toward him, off he went again! That was probably much easier for a small dog like him than it would be for you!

    • For some reason they don’t like me running about indoors! They take me outside for a game if I get lively inside the house. It sounds like lots of fun though!

  7. I love all your games, Clowie! My family loves to play “keep away” with me by throwing the ball back and forth. It keeps me running a lot, which I love to do. I also love to chew on things and my choppers are pretty powerful, but “legal” chewing is on my nylabones. I love them, really I do! I also love it when my family chases me, trying to get the ball or bone away from me. They think they can, but I always win! Woof! Copper

    • Holding onto something that they’re trying to get is my favourite game of all, it’s so much fun! I’m also quite good at chewing. I only chew the ‘legal’ things now, but I tried out quite a variety of things when I was a puppy.

      • Well, I’m 2 1/2, so I guess I’m in adolescence and may still take some time to get out of the chewing phase. Plus, I’m a lab and we eat anything! Yum! I know my mom and dad are very anxious for that day! 🙂

  8. Clowie sounds like quite the fun dog…all kinds of entertaining games to play outside! Can’t wait to hear about the indoor ones.

  9. Those are some great games, Clowie. Rita is not a big game player. She doesn’t really fetch… just runs after the ball, but doesn’t always bring it back. She likes to play a bit of tug. She gets bored with games pretty quickly. She likes to wrestle with her BFF, a boxer – who taught Rita to punch us when we wrestle with her!

  10. I have to say that digging is definitely Rocco’s favourite outdoor game, and chasing squirrels of course! That ball does look like a lot of fun, you can kill it over and over again 🙂

  11. Clowie we like canoeing and as you know swimming but especially canoeing. Millie sits in the back of the canoe with dad and Oceana sits up front with mom they are the navigators. We all put on our life jackets because mom won’t leave the shore unless we do including dad, mom packs a lunch for all of us and than off we go. We have paddled down the Mississippi, and Missouri rivers and even encountered rapids on the White river which was quite an adventure we’re sure glad we were wearing our life jackets that day. Have you ever been canoeing? Love your game however dad calls me the ” Golden Keeper” so we don’t play that game very much. See you next week and be safe!

    • No, I’ve never been in a canoe. I know one of my bipeds has and they sometimes talk of getting one. I’m sure I’d love to go out in one with a picnic, that sounds like lots of fun.

  12. Your life Clowie, sounds like it is full of fun and mischief, gotta keep those bipeds on the go all the time.

  13. You certainly keep your bipeds on their toes, Clowie!! That ball thingy sounds interesting! How does it fill itself with air? I know some bipeds that are full of air mol 😉

    • It isn’t pressurised and although the plastic of the ball is flexible it holds its shape. There’s a small vent to allow air out when it’s squashed and it lets it back in as it returns to shape. The ball isn’t hard like a football, but it’s firm enough to bounce.

  14. Hey, I have that pawesome Jolly Ball too, Clowie! Isn’t it the most fun? Although tug is also a lot of fun. Hmmm…it’s hard to pick which one I like the most!

    • I think it’s a wonderful toy! I’m glad you like yours too. The bipeds enjoy the games we play and they love the ball because it survives all the rough treatment it gets!

  15. Coralee and Finn

    Your post reminded me about Finn being raised with Great Pyrenees for the first year of his life – even though he’s only 16 pounds, when we meet other dogs, he acts like he thinks he’s a much bigger dog, and he likes to play like a big dog too!

  16. We liked reading about putting the logs on the lawn, and the digging part. Our silly brother Quint plays fetch and our sister Olivia seems to get all excited about plastic rings. But our favorite games involve napping and bedtime brushings. Oh, and rushing into the kitchen to get a breakfast treat. Purrs…

    • My cats enjoy napping a lot and I quite like a nap myself. Sometimes they enjoy being brushed and sometimes they don’t, that’s cats for you! I always enjoy being brushed, but I needed a bit of convincing when I was a puppy.

  17. Our dogs have a ball just like that and loved it… until Rudy decided to chew the handle off 🙁

  18. Clowie I love the visual I have of you arranging logs on the yard.. 🙂 I also think it is special that you have a special corner of the garden!

    • I arrange them very carefully, it’s very artistic! But they have not artistic taste, they just pick them up and put them back. Then they burn them, which is a terrible waste!

  19. What a cool toy and so well designed. It would be so much more interesting to roll wacky thru the yard -vs- straight. HA, I can see the tug of war ending badly for the unsuspecting bipeds, good one Clowie, hehe. I don’t really have anyone to play with outside anymore but the kitties and I have fun with their laser mouse. I sometimes run it up and down the stairs to give Blossum extra exercise. I need someone to do it for me, HA!

  20. Playing with the handle-ball was so much fun – until my Bull Terrier sister decided to chew the handle off…she also likes to take my rope pulls and shred them, or just sit on them. She let me play with a branch for a while the other day, but then decided I was having too much fun, so she tried to take it and I made her wrestle me for it – THAT was fun 🙂 I think tree-branch wrestling a Bully is my new favorite game!

  21. Oscar and the human like to play squash together with a ping pong lol

  22. I like to play ‘its my toy, if you want it chase me’ 🙂

  23. Wow, you must have had a good puppy class. I love the fact that they taught tug with a release!!

    • I didn’t learn that at puppy class, it’s something I was taught at home. The best thing about my puppy class was that they encouraged local children to attend part of it to get puppies used to children. I loved it, the children loved it, and it was good for the puppies!

  24. That big ball game sounds like fun 🙂

  25. Clowie, we need to take some lessons from you – you have so many fun games and SlimDoggy Jack & Maggie aren’t big game players. Maybe this ball will inspire them!

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