My favourite indoor games

It’s still very hot, so I’m spending a lot of time indoors in the cool. I spend part of the day taking a nap, as the heat can be very tiring. I can’t play any of my favourite outdoor games during the day, so it’s nice to play a quiet game indoors with the cats or my bipeds.

Sometimes we play hide and seek, but mostly we play games that I can play without moving. Most games that require me to move very much have been declared outdoor games by my bipeds anyway! I’ll tell you more about some of those another time.

A quiet game of cards From Wikimedia Commons

A quiet game of cards
From Wikimedia Commons

Mulberry, the cat, comes and plays with my tail sometimes. He’s always gentle, so I swish it back and forth for him. Occasionally he plays with my rope tug toy. I will take one end in my mouth and move it about for him to chase. He looks so cute doing that! We always stop if we see the bipeds pick up a camera, it’s really funny!

My bipeds sometimes balance treats on my nose or my paws and I wait until they say that I can take the treat. They also put treats near me in a pattern and tell me which one I can take – I always get them all in the end!

We play a game where I’m lying on the floor and they try to catch my front paws. I can move my paws around really quickly and sometimes I tuck them underneath me, so that they can’t touch them – that makes them laugh! If they touch my paws, they put both hands on top and we play a silly game where we pull the hand or paw out from the bottom of the pile of paws and hands and put it on the top. That means a different  paw or hand is on the bottom and needs moving to the top. We move our hands and paws faster and faster until the bipeds laugh and give me a hug.

Another game they play with me is to hold both hands out in front of them, closed in a fist, with a treat in one of them and say, “Which hand?” I sniff their hands and nudge the one that has the treat. I was quite a young puppy when we first played this. The first time we played, one of the bipeds put a piece of liver cake in one hand and held out both hands so that I couldn’t see which hand the treat was in. I didn’t know what I needed to do to get the treat, but the smell of the liver cake was enticing so I nudged the hand that held it to make it clear I wanted the treat.

I know that the first few times we played, they always made sure their hands were clean and they’d only touched the treat with the hand it was hidden in and it was always a treat with a strong smell. This made it easy for me to smell the treat and learn what they wanted me to do. They now try to make it much more difficult by handling the treat with both hands, but I always get it right. Although, it does become more difficult if we play for a while – they get more and more treat smell on their hands and I need to sniff both hands carefully to get it right. I really enjoy this game!

I’ve updated last week’s post about being safe in the heat so that some of the important points made in the comments don’t get missed.

See you next Wednesday!


  1. Your games would make great videos! The ones where you play with the cat would be quite cute and also the one where you keep putting one hand/paw on top of the other’s hand/paw would also be great. Keep staying cool and having fun indoors!

  2. It’s really hot here, too, and indoor games are good for all animals, including bipeds. It sounds like you have lots of fun times at your house!

    • We do have lots of fun playing those games. We’re all indoors more in the hot weather. It’s a shame to wish the summer away, but we’ll be pleased to be able to go hiking again in the autumn.

  3. Oh! Mes has been enjoying the heat here! But the hairy slobbery sisters does not. They likes to play the paw / hand game too!

  4. Those games all sound like fun! And the advice about the hot weather is very timely for people in the Northern hemisphere – we hear you’re having very hot weather up there. Down here of course, it’s winter at the moment, and Krissy and I are running around to try and keep warm! 🙂

    Stay safe, stay cool…

    Lots of love from Solo and Krissy xx

    • Hi, Solo and Krissy! Yes, most of us have a heat wave at the moment. It’s been quite a strange summer, the weather has been very varied here. Those zoomies you do must help to keep you warm!

  5. Aww so cute Clowie. We humans are so lucky to have you pups and kitties and other pets as our true dear friends. Those games are fun and make me smile.

  6. I have to ask how did the bipeds teach you the hand pile game?

    • It was by accident really. Two of them were trying to catch my paws and when one did the other one piled their hands on top. So the first one pulled out a hand and put it on top. They continued moving their hands for a little while and it looked like fun and they were laughing, so I decided to copy.

  7. Hey Clowie

    Mulberry is so lucky to have such a good play buddy!! I love the sound of the “which hand?” game!

    Have fun

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  8. I love to take cat naps with my cat Jasper. Great day for one today.
    Missy posted:

  9. What fun games. We’ll have to try some of those with Rita. She’s not usually interested in playing for too long indoors. She’ll play for a bit, but she gets bored with me quickly! She’d much rather go for a walk or have a doggie play-date. Luckily it hasn’t been that hot here.

    We used to have a fun indoor game with beagle. She used to prefer games where WE had to run around instead of her. She would stand on the sofa (it stuck out into the room) and we would stand behind it. We would bounce the ball at her and she would bop it with her nose and knock it away. If we managed to catch it, we got a point. If she hit it hard/far/crazy enough that we couldn’t catch it, she got a point. I swear she would smile bigger and bigger every time she made us scramble!

  10. You are one clever pup Clowie. Love that you and Mulberry play together. That’s just the sweetest thing ever!!!

  11. I always get a smile out of that picture Clowie, especially the dog that is cheating by passing the card, enjoyable blog.

  12. Those are some good games that you play Clowie! We chase each other in the house and then mommy gets upset with us and we have to stop! One of our favorite things to do is take chew toys away from each other. We sneak up on each other, grab the toy from their mouth and run! It’s really fun but mommy gets a little irritated with us. Have a great weekend Clowie and stay cool!

  13. It sounds like you play some great indoor games, Clowie, and I know Copper would love to join you! Our heat wave finally left and now it’s been cooler in the mornings and evenings, which is so much nicer. Well, have fun and stay cool! Sending lots of Copper woofs! 🙂

    • I do have lots of fun with those games. I’m glad it’s a bit cooler for you. I’m having to take my walks really early. Say hi and woof to Copper for me!

  14. That is such a good idea to play inside in this heat. This has been awful. Sounds like some great games to us. I bet the bipeds have as much fun as you do. Take care.

    • Yes, it’s far too hot to play energetic games and I enjoy these games. I think You’re right about my bipeds having fun, they laugh a lot when we play.

  15. Dear Clowie –
    I was happy to learn I am not the only one made to play indoor games. Weather here read at 100 degrees Farenheit yesterday. Hot once more today, so we’re keeping mostly indoors. Every night before I brush my teeth, my Momma and Daddy have me practice all my tricks. Sometimes they use regular treats, but mostly carrots (my favorite). I usually like when Daddy does it because he gives me whole baby carrots, my Momma takes two baby carrots and cuts it into pieces. I guess Daddy forgets that vet said I need to lose 1.5lbs (which is like 20lbs on a human). But I digress… they have me wave, give high fives, play patty cake, spin (like a top), shake paw (left, and then the right), take a bow (never know when the Queen might visit), roll over (helps spread my scent around) and bang bang (they point their finger and I play dead). My Momma also uses words like “over here” to get me to move to certain spots. And at times she hides my nubby blue nylabone and asks me to ‘find it.’ I have great nose-sleuthing skills so this proves an easy task. Since I don’t fetch (you and I have discussed this before) my Momma needs to get creative. We did the IQ test and I rated very highly. We then presented it to my chihuahua friends which they had fun doing. I will have to write a column on IQ testing soon. Sending you big woofs my friend — WOOF WOOF WOOF!

    • You do some exciting tricks. They started to teach me to do high fives, but they gave up on that! You can read about it in “Love me tender” if you’re interested! I look forward to reading about IQ testing because when I see lists of the most intelligent breeds, it’s actually the breeds that are the most cooperative and eager to please which is not the same thing as intelligence.

      • You are right…The IQ requires figuring things out and it measures memory and ability to reason at a dog’s level. We saw a couple of documentaries on the science of dogs – one on National Geographic and another from the UK (Momma has to research what they were called) – which had some discussions on dog intelligence. In the meantime, we found this one to be entertaining ( because if you notice they have taught dogs to drive, however, there is no reasoning (yet). Meaning, do they know to stop when a child runs across the front of the car, or to turn when a sign reads “street closed – detour” etc. Perhaps a skill to be developed. But I suppose the level of intelligence can be argued in that they have ability to retain the information on how to drive on command. Which is quite interesting in itself. I give these dogs a lot of credit, they have figured out yet another way to obtain extra treats – while looking dog-cool behind the wheel – WOOF! (coincidentally – you can do this Clowie – of that I am certain – as for me, I am height challenged, and am afraid my tiny paws can’t reach the pedals). WOOF WOOF!

        • It is impressive that they’ve learnt all the actions needed to move the car, even though they’re instructed on each one. It’s a big step from there to something like, “drive the car over there”, but if they keep doing it – who knows? My bipeds say that driving was lots of separate actions to remember for them at first and then it gradually became natural.
          I think I could drive, I just need to talk my bipeds into letting me try! I can see you’d need an adapted car with a booster seat so that you can see where you’re going – then I see no reason why you shouldn’t try!

  16. My Momma told me not to share this (so don’t say a peep!) – but she chases me around the house, and I chase her back. I sometimes play hide and seek by hiding, then running after her around corners. I also open doors then run away. Shhh!

  17. With this hot weather you have found interesting ideas of games to have fun. Stay cool!

  18. Those games sound great Clowie 🙂 I hope you’ve been slapping on the sun cream in this heat! It’s quite understandable your bipeds consider your games involving moving around to be outdoor ones…I suspect indoor damage could be somewhat extensive! lol 😉

    • Those games are lots of fun! I leave the sun cream to the bipeds. I stick to the shade as much as possible and my nose and lips are black, so I’m quite well protected. I may have knocked the odd item of furniture over when I was a puppy, but only if it was in my way!

  19. We to play that game “Which Hand” too, Clowie. Ma says I’m next in a long line of pups who played it with her on a rainy or inside day. She also taught me the “Shell Game” where she hides a treat under one of three plastic cups while I watch her shift them around. Then I get to pick the cup with the treat. It’s a blast! Inside games are special time with my peep that I really enjoy. Sounds like you do too. 😀

    • It sounds as though you have as much fun playing indoor games as I do, Poppy! I love sniffing out which hand the treat is in. I think I’ll get my bipeds to try the “Shell Game” with me!

  20. Clowie, you are so very clever. We kitties think we would like playing the game with the treats in the hand. We usually prefer ones with feathers, but treats are good too!

  21. Oh Clowie! What great games your bipeds think up for you. And you must be very ot in all your furrs!! And I must come visit faster as it takes such a long time to scroll to the bottom to leave a comment!!you are one rockin’ woofie!

    • Thank you, Savannah! It is hot, we’ve been having a thunderstorm most evenings for the last couple of weeks – it’s like living in the tropics! The tiled floor is nice and cool, the cats think so as well! We do have lots of fun playing those games.

  22. We love the Pup Games! We are going to give them a try. Humphrey is always up for something new!

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