Let’s talk about poop!

I thought that would get your attention! I don’t want to talk about the delights of sniffing poop. I want to talk about the responsible disposal of it.

Scoop the poop

I’m really impressed that almost all of you dogs have trained your humans to scoop your poop. That’s really impressive as, for some strange reason, humans have an aversion to poop.

However, on a recent walk I was dismayed to discover that some of you still need to train your bipeds in the next step. Scooping the poop into a bag is a good start, but what they do with the bag of poo is very important. Some of them are leaving the bag of poop on, or by, the footpath.

Some of them are creating poop trees! I thought for a second that they must grow from bags of poo, but that isn’t the case. It’s okay to ‘water’ large trees to leave a message for any other dogs that pass that way, but no tree deserves to have bags of poop left hanging on its branches.

a tree with a bag of dog poo

Bag it and bin it

I will now tell you what you need your humans to do with the bag of poo. If you’re lucky, there will be a dog waste bin nearby and you simply ask your biped to pop the bag in it.

dog waste bin

Pop the bag in!

If there isn’t a bin nearby, it’s a little trickier. You have to persuade your human to carry the bag of poo until they see a bin, or even carry it home to dispose of if there isn’t a bin on your chosen route.

I know that humans don’t like carrying bags of poo, but there are gadgets to make it easier for them. You can get clips to hang on your lead (leash) to carry the bag. You can get small containers that clip onto your lead, or onto a biped’s belt or rucksack. Some of these containers even seal the smell in! There are many ways to make carrying the dog waste less objectionable.

Reasons to clean up dog waste

There are many good reasons for cleaning up dog waste. I want to give you a selfish reason that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else – I don’t want to be banned from walking in beautiful places.

When I hear my bipeds complaining about how abandoned bags of poo spoil the walk, I worry. My bipeds are not particularly squeamish (for humans), so I know most humans must find it objectionable. Dogs are already banned from some beaches and parks because a few dogs behave badly or leave a mess behind.

Let’s not lose any more places to visit. We need our humans to carry the poo away, so that we are still welcome. If you trained them to scoop it, you can train them to carry it away! Don’t leave anything more than a few paw prints behind you!

See you soon!


  1. I so agree with you Clowie. We have seen this outside our dog park where there are three bins and to get in and out of the park you have to pass them! How lazy do you have to be not to use them.
    I often do my business as soon as I leave the house so Mum has to carry the bag either for the whole walk until we are back at our bin or until we get to the park. I find it is good to remind her whose boss sometimes 😉

    • Yes, my bipeds often end up carrying a bag for almost the whole walk! They are always pleased if there is a bin on our route and they can dispose of it, but they would never abandon it. It’s time other dogs trained their bipeds as well as we have, Zena.

  2. Agreed, C. Many beautiful walking places wish all of us to leave nothing behind but footprints. Mom and I like the sound of that.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake recently posted…MessMy Profile

  3. Well said Clowie girl! Leaving poo here and there, bagged OR unbagged is just not sanitary (or pretty!). Keeping the world beautiful is what it’s all about…..thanks for reminding peeps to help us be responsible furkids – we can’t help where we poo but we need help taking CARE of it !

    Love, Teddy
    Sammy and Teddy recently posted…Teaser Tell AllMy Profile

  4. It is very sad that humans are such lazy/silly beings 🙁
    animalcouriers recently posted…Meet our passengers travelling between Italy, France and the UKMy Profile

  5. We never understand why someone would go to the trouble of bringing a bag and picking up the poop, only to leave the bag lying there. I know maybe once a year, our bag falls without knowing it or we put it down for a photo shoot and forget it, but we don’t think that is the case with most bags we see sitting around.

    • Hi, Emma. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t make sense of it!

      Yes, I can understand anyone forgetting or dropping the bag occasionally. It probably happens to us all now and then, but there are far too many about for that to be the case with all of them.

  6. Hi and thanks for this Clowie. It drives me up the wall to see the little bags of poop left on the side of a road, or on the sidewalk, etc. just like it bothers me to see needless waste disposed in places they don’t below, cluttering up our beautiful countryside. I just people would be responsible for their waste, including their fur babies. Hugs to you and your bipeds from all of us.

    • I agree, it really isn’t very nice. I hate to see any sort of rubbish left about. It spoils places for everyone.

  7. We couldn’t agree with you more, Clowie. The uprights in our neighborhood seem to think hauling poop away is beneath them too often. I have a bin of bags for people to use and too often they scoop but neglect to dispose. Ugh.
    Monika & Sam recently posted…Word(y) WednesdayMy Profile

  8. It makes me crazy that someone went to the trouble of bagging it and then they leave the bag. Who do they think is going to dispose of it, the poop fairy?

    • Yes, it bugs me. It’s messy and it makes no sense! Perhaps they do believe in a poop fairy – I hadn’t thought of that! 🙂

  9. It seems so very simple, and is being made simpler every day with more gadgets, and more disposal units; yet some people just still don’t get it!!
    Jan K recently posted…Poof Pet Activity Tracker Reveals Our Winner (with Review)My Profile

    • Yes, there are more gadgets to make it easier. It isn’t a task that anyone enjoys but it’s one of the responsibilities that comes with walking a dog.

  10. This is an important post, Clowie! We want pups to be welcome say like at the beach because they are a joy to watch. But if their bipeds are not considerate and pick up poop they won’t be welcomed anywhere. How sad… and sad for the responsible dog owners who do the right thing.

    • Thank you. Dogs should be able to go to most places, but I can understand it when people think otherwise. It’s often the case that a few people spoil something for everyone. 🙁

  11. Great advice dear Clowie… I am glad that you bipeds know how to manage this situation… I wonder why how anyone leave bags of poop left hanging on trees branches, btw… Odd 😉 Anyway, I think we have come a long way now… Most bipeds behave as expected in Parks and squares…. That´s a good thing, right?.
    Love & best wishes to you. 🙂

    • It looks awful when there are bags of poop hanging in a tree. A tree is a thing of beauty.

      You’re right, most people are responsible about disposing of the waste which is good. It’s just a shame that some people are not being responsible about it.

  12. I recently saw this comedy video where “Judi Dench” tossed poop bags into trees. I thought it was just a joke. I had no idea people actually did it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXlbZQyGLBc

    Now I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But I share your worry, Clowie, that humans’ bad behavior will get you banned from the park.
    Pamela Webster recently posted…Who’s Coming To Visit?My Profile

    • I had to laugh at that – I hadn’t seen it and it’s so well done! I’m not surprised you didn’t know it happened if you haven’t seen it, as it’s such an absurd thing to do. I’ve been wondering about the bags decaying and what happens then. That could make a funny sketch although in real life it wouldn’t be amusing to be underneath a bag that splits.

      It’s a shame when dogs get banned from places because of the actions of a few.

  13. Ewww. It’s bad enough carrying my own dog’s poop; I wouldn’t want to pick up after another dog/human duo. I always praise my dogs whenever I found them pooping near the trash cans we encounter. Weirdly enough, they are much better at pooping near the trash cans now — even the one that used to poop equidistant between trash cans so that I had to carry it a long ways!

    • My bipeds are always pleased if there’s a bin nearby and tell me how clever I am. 😀

      They say it’s much worse having to clear up after any other dog, or even to pick up a bag that’s been dumped.

  14. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I pass several bags of poop every day during my walk. Are people that lazy that they will bag, but not bother to take it with them to dispose of properly? Yes, they are.

  15. Thank you for this timely reminder, Clowie. As a responsible biped dog walker this is one of my biggest pet peeves, along with people who don’t pick up at all. Talk about lazy and thoughtless! I think it’s great that you have dedicated dog waste disposal bins. We should get those here in Canada too. Cheers!
    Debbie D. recently posted…FIVE DECADES WITH THE MOODY BLUES | #4M #MusicMondayMy Profile

    • The dog waste bins are at most popular places and the bipeds do like to get rid of the filled bags as soon as possible!

      It is annoying that some people don’t clean up when the majority do.

  16. You know, I think that’s kind of interesting… at some places where dogs and their humans walk regularly there are just not enough dog poop bins! And I’m asking myself why? We humans know we get kind of lazy. Of course that’s no excuse to just leave the dog poop bags on the road or in a bush or tree. But why do they have the bins if they force the dog owners to walk five extra miles to find one? It doesn’t make sense…
    Aurora Jean Alexander recently posted……brave ‘new’ communication frontier for this ol’ Jurassic scribbler…My Profile

    • That’s a good point, which reminds me that in some places the bins don’t get emptied frequently enough. They are rather unpleasant, to say the least, when they are overflowing.

  17. I’d never witnessed such a phenomenon (I always run deep into the woods to poo in private, and we seldom go for walks anywhere other people go) until my scribe and I had to live in town for a few days. We went for walks on trails that other dogs and two-leggers use, and the bags and unbagged poo were everywhere. it was awful for both of us. A case of too much information for me, and the scribe (she has no sense of smell) was just disgusted with how irresponsible her species was. Thank you for raising the WOOF on this issue, Clowie!

    • I know exactly what you mean about too much information! We tend to use the quieter paths most of the time and I can see why my bipeds prefer that. It is very irresponsible to leave a mess behind and spoil places for everyone.

      I’ve written an update on what I managed to find out about the geese this summer – Seven goslings – they’ve been much more secretive than I expected!

  18. Clowie, you’re still so adorable and we’ve missed ya!! Okay, I said it now let me say something else. How awesome of you to spread this good advice about not spreading doo doo. Because of responsible posts like this, we can get the word out to those who are spoiling it for the rest of the doggies and….yes kitties. My kitty Peachy goes on walks with us on a leash. Unusual for a cat but then Peachy has always walked to the beat of his own drum. We live in the Smoky Mountains, very rural and very beautiful. We have one place on Onion Mountain called Dowdle’s hike which is a beautiful scenic trail. And as you said, those who irresponsibly threw their trash and yes, doggie doodoo ruined it for the rest. We will be sharing this with the rest of our blogging buddies in hopes of making a difference. Luv ya Clowie!! 😉 xoxo

    • Thank you, it’s lovely to see you!

      It’s such a shame when beautiful places get spoilt for the many by the inconsiderate few.

      I would love to meet Peachy. I’m sure we’d get along very well.

  19. ah yes, the ol’ leave the doo doo on the path problem. I really don’t get why the laziness of some. It’s rotten to spoil it for everyone else. I love that your municipality have recepticles for the doo doo, that’s fantastic!
    Boomdee recently posted…Birds Of A FeatherMy Profile

    • It is lazy and selfish to leave it. It is nice to have bins and be able to get rid of the filled bags! The bins are only on popular walks, but that’s fair enough.

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