Couriouser and Curiouser

White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland

We left my story when we were driving away from the village where we had met David, the vet, for the first time. (The first part of this tale is Paws for Thought, the second is Public Examination and the third part is Incredulity Overload.) When we drew into the…

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Incredulity Overload

Carving, Labuerda

I left my tale where David, the vet, had just told my bipeds I needed antibiotics to make my paw better. (The first part of this story is Paws for Thought and the second is Public Examination.) He went on to say that he would give me an injection straightaway,…

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Public Examination

Labuerda, Aragon, Spanish Pyrenees

I left you in suspense last week, I’ll continue the tale from where we left it. We had just climbed back in the car to go and find the vet, using the information from the man in the office of the Ministry of Agriculture. It only took us about fifteen…

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Paws for Thought

Boltaña, a town in the Spanish Pyrenees

I’d like to tell you about a rather strange day I had. It was when we were living in Spain, it was just a few days after we arrived there to be accurate. It was late on a Sunday evening when my paw suddenly swelled up. It was so large…

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Here Comes the Sun

Smiling sun with sunglasses

It’s fairly hot in the northern hemisphere at the moment and the prediction is for even hotter weather. I’ll be taking my main walk very early in the morning. I’ll then find myself a nice, cool spot indoors and snooze the day away. If I need to pop out during…

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Sitting Pretty

Clowie, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees

I explained in Total Recall that certain requests are open to various interpretations. Sometimes a request can evolve with time. This has happened with “sit”. It was the first request that I learnt as a puppy. My bipeds used it a lot when I was young to stop me doing…

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Nothing to bark at

I’m answering a Frequently Barked Question (FBQ) today. FBQ: We have recently moved and my Pyrenean Mountain Dog, or Great Pyrenees, has started barking at everything. He was quite sensible about what he barked at before we moved. How do I help him to settle down and stop barking so…

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The Pied Piper of the Pyrenees

Illustration for The Pied Piper by Kate Greenaway

I went for a stroll in the park with my female biped recently. We walked across the small grassy field and went to the larger field. A small river flows along one edge of it and we spent some time watching the ducks. I had a good sniff around and…

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The Winner

Blanche, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, or Great Pyrenees

I have an announcement to make – the draw for the book ‘Someone To Look Up To’ by Jean Gill has been made… Drum roll. Fanfare. Applause. The tension mounts. And the winner is the delightful Cupcake! If you don’t already know Cupcake, you should visit her blog – I’m…

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Time is running out!

Top hat

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! It was a holiday weekend here and I know it was a special weekend for my American friends as well. I had a great time at the weekend. I spent some of my time doing all the usual stuff a dog has…

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