Four paws are better than two feet

sign indicating a slippery surface

The building work I told you about is not quite finished yet, so we’re still in chaos. To add to my worries, the female biped had a slight mishap one morning last week. The male biped had left really early to travel to a meeting. I went for an early…

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Moving walls


I think it’s time I gave you an update on everything that’s been happening. The male biped has made a good recovery and his voice is back to normal now. He appreciates how I looked after him. I’d heard the bipeds talking about moving a wall and changing the stairs,…

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Season’s Greetings

I’m wishing you all a wonderful time over the holiday season. Best wishes for 2017! P.S. Today is the winter solstice, so those of us who live in the northern hemisphere are going to start seeing more daylight soon.

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Come boating with Sammy and me

Come fly with me badge

Today is an exciting day for Sammy (onespoiledcat). He is a very special cat and he’s one of the first friends I made in the blogging world. Sammy is visiting many bloggers today to see the places that they choose to share with him. Sammy landed his hot air balloon…

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The best-laid plans of mice and men (and dogs) often go awry

Clowie, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees

I was hoping to tell you some stories about my adventures, but I’ve been too busy to get my paws to the keyboard. As most of you know I take my duties as Chief of Security very seriously, as does any self-respecting Pyrenean Mountain Dog (Great Pyrenees). What you don’t…

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Settling in

Ducks sleeping on the grass

I enjoyed my holiday at home with the bipeds. We had lots of long walks and the bipeds seem refreshed, even though they did do some jobs around the house and garden when they had said they were just going to relax. I had to remind them once or twice…

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A Visit to the Canal

Swan and cygnets

I’m really enjoying exploring my new territory. It only takes a few minutes to walk to the canal, so we often stroll along the towpath. There is a family of swans that we often see – two adults and five cygnets. The male swan hates dogs! He puffs his feathers…

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We’re in our new home

Green fields and village

We’re all safe and sound in our new home. I haven’t been able to tell you before because we had to wait for the internet to be connected. We didn’t get a connection until this week. Here is a view taken through one of our windows. We are on the…

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We are moving house

Wooden box labelled Clowie's stuff

We are moving. The bipeds tell me I’ll love the new place. I’m really looking forward to seeing it and discovering new walks. The bipeds are busy putting everything we have into cardboard boxes. We’ve been keeping the move a secret from the cats as they get nervous about change,…

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My calendar

animalcouriers calendar 2016

I’d like to thank Animalcouriers for the lovely calendar I received for taking part in their fun quiz. If you don’t already know Animalcouriers, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a visit to their site. You’ll find lots of photos of the animals they transport and the places they visit on their…

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