Is that a Polar Bear?

I’ve been asked how people react to me when I’m out and about with my bipeds. When I go into town, or anywhere busy, with my bipeds, we don’t get anywhere quickly because lots of people want to ask my bipeds questions about me. Most people are very nice and want to make a fuss of me, even if they are nervous of dogs.

My bipeds like to answer the questions and allow people to see there’s nothing scary about very large dogs. I stand, or sit, quietly and wait because I know they’re talking about me even when the person is too nervous to make a fuss of me. I think it’s nice when people want to hear about me and my noble ancestors.

Then there are the questions from people who don’t want or expect a serious answer, often called across the road. The most popular is, “Is that a polar bear?” That’s probably my favourite one, I don’t mind being thought of as a cuddly polar bear.

Polar bear

A handsome polar bear
Attribution: By Alan D. Wilson ( ([1])) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We are frequently asked if I’m a pony, if I’m a horse, and whether my bipeds have a saddle for me. I think it’s a bit rude to ask about a saddle for me – it’s a dreadful idea! My bipeds are always polite about it and reply that it wouldn’t be good for my back, but I can pull a small cart.

People often ask, “Did you know how big that was going to get?”

My bipeds’ usual response is that they did, but when I was still a puppy the male biped enjoyed telling people that I hadn’t stopped growing yet – the looks of surprise were priceless!

Some people do get closer in their guesses about me. They know I’m a dog, but not that I’m a Great Pyrenees. Newfoundland is the most popular guess, followed by St. Bernard. The size is about right. Some of the guesses can be amusing though – has anyone ever seen a long-haired Great Dane?

Clowie, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees strolling in the mountains

Is that a polar bear? Or is it Clowie, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog?

If I have the female biped on my lead, she is often asked, “Who is in charge?”, or “Who is taking who for a walk?”

That seems a strange question to me, when I’m walking nicely beside her on a loose lead. It’s always men who ask that question and they never ask the male biped that. I don’t want you to think they’re being sexist, I’m fairly sure it’s just that the female biped looks quite small next to me! She smiles politely and tells them that she’s in charge most of the time.

When we travel in France most people call me Belle, after the beloved character in the book and TV series. I don’t mind that at all as everyone is so nice to me in France and I am allowed to go almost everywhere with my bipeds – that’s how dogs should be treated!

Aqua paw print

A Reminder

You still have until the end of May to enter the draw to win a free copy of ‘Someone To Look Up To’ – read ‘Spotlight on Blanche aka The Princess‘ for details of how to enter. Blanche lives in France so I expect she also gets called Belle by people who don’t know her.

Aqua paw print

See you next Wednesday!


  1. I loved “Belle et Sébastien” like most kids and their parents… 🙂
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