Is Jiminy guilty?

I have a mystery for you this week. There is some fairly compelling evidence to suggest that Jiminy the cricket is guilty, but we’ve all been in the wrong place at the wrong time! I’ll tell you about it and let you decide.

It all began last summer, the female biped was training the wisteria to form a fan shape in the corner of the garden. The growing shoots kept getting eaten and there was always a cricket nearby. She said that she knew it was the same cricket because one of his back legs was missing. She named him Jiminy!

Jiminy - the prime suspect

Jiminy – the prime suspect

The biped went and looked at the wisteria most days and clipped the new growth into the position she wanted. I would usually stroll around and sniff at more interesting things while she did this. Sometimes I would go and check on what she was doing and she would show me another chewed shoot and say that Jiminy had been busy again. He was usually nearby and he would stare at us from behind a leaf, as though we couldn’t see him.

The male biped asked her why she didn’t shoo the cricket away. She explained that Jiminy had a back leg missing and might not survive somewhere else. The male laughed and said that there was obviously no other option than to allow Jiminy to feed on succulent wisteria shoots.

A day or two later we went outside and found Jiminy right next to a chewed shoot. He was hiding behind one of the plant clips looking very guilty. Here is the photograph.

Jiminy next to a chewed wisteria shoot

Jiminy next to a chewed wisteria shoot

Now it’s time for you to decide and cast your vote. Jiminy was always near the chewed shoots, but he was never actually caught with one in his mouth. He could be as innocent as a dog who just happens to be near an overturned rubbish bin or a cat next to an empty goldfish bowl – you decide!

The wisteria has been growing like a weed since then and the photograph below shows it in flower this Spring. It produces enough shoots to keep Jiminy and quite a few of his friends very well fed.

See you next Wednesday!

Wisteria in flower this Spring

Wisteria in flower this Spring


  1. I can’t believe so many people think he’s guilty, there’s not even any actual evidence! He’s innocent for sure!

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  2. How very naughty of Jiminy!!! 😉

  3. That’s a cute story and while I think he’s probably guilty, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s the democratic thing to do 😀 I just love your Wisteria ! I sure wish we could grow it here. Our wedding pictures were done in a public garden in Texas under the Wisteria (April 2001) and it really made for beautiful photo’s.

  4. Well, all we have to say is…if the plants turn out that beautiful after Jiminy eats on them then we would love to have a Jiminy…our plants need help. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. I say Jiminy is guilty but he is so interesting, we should let it go 🙂 He looks like a big fella!

  6. Pretty sure I saw that face on a “top 10 wanted” poster at the post office. But, I agree… the missing leg thing does make you feel sorry for him. Since we had a pup that was down one leg, I’d have had a soft spot for him too… maybe… after screaming and running back in the house. Not a fan of Big Bugs usually. But whatevr happened, the wisteria look beautiful!

    • Ha ha, I’d like to see that poster! Yes, he does get the sympathy vote, even though he was feasting on succulent wisteria shoots. Insects like him are harmless (apart from to plants!) but they do startle us when they jump sometimes.

  7. Well Jiminy is kind of cute. Pinnochio was always my favorite Disney movie as a kid. Kind of weird because I don’t think that one is as popular as some of the others.

  8. This is the sweetest post! And yes Jiminy in guilty!! And yes you are a sweet person to let Jiminy dine a little more easily since he is missing his hind leg. I am smiling.. 🙂

  9. Your wisteria is gorgeous, Clowie! Mine is crazy. It just grows and grows. Flash tries to help it along by watering it every time he’s in the front yard, while I’m yelling, “Dogs are not allowed to water the flowers!”

    • Thank you! Wisteria does grow at an amazing rate when it’s established! I don’t know why bipeds try to stop dogs watering plants – the trees in parks thrive on it!

  10. You need to put up a camera so that you have hard evidence should you decide to evict the little guy!

  11. Guilty and he wants the world to know he does not care 🙂 x. Have fab week Clowie x

  12. I think it was Jiminy but I’d let him off this time:-)

  13. I would say, judged by a court of his peers, that the evidence is stacked against Jimminy. However, something in my gut tells me there’s more going on here… Perhaps his peers are framing him, and I’m guessing he’s not talking, yes? What does your keen sense of smell tell you? Does he stink of guilt and wisteria?

    • My nose tells me he’s guilty of eating some shoots, but not all of them. His peers, with both back legs, jump away before the bipeds are aware of them leaving Jiminy sitting there, reeking of guilt! I think he’s found himself a safe and pleasant place to live.

  14. Circumstantial evidence I think

  15. That wisteria is gorgeous! Fortunately, its hard to kill and grows really fast, so one little Jiminy won;t hurt it. Someone ate the mom’s Black Eyed Susans down to nubs all summer and she thought it was a little bunny and her babies, so she let it go. Creatures have a hard life as it is without us making it worse.

    • Thank you. Yes, the wisteria needs a lot of trimming in the growing season. We’re always pleased when we find wildlife making a home in our garden, even if they nibble on the plants!

  16. I missed the trial for Jimminy, but that is some Wisteria you have there CLowie; bet it smells pawsome!

    • Hi Savannah, guilty or not, most people seemed to think Jiminy should be allowed to continue feasting on wisteria! He’s very good at getting sympathy. The wisteria smells lovely in the early morning and in the evening.

  17. Considering the lack of other suspects Jiminy is definitely guilty. The rapid growing of the plant doesn’t make him less guilty though.
    I love the post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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