The female biped went shopping and left me at home with the cats. When she got back I heard her stop the car in the lane as near to the front door as she could. The only building beyond us is a farmer’s barn and he hardly ever uses it. A moment later she came in the door with bags of shopping. She told me to wait to greet her as she had some more bags to fetch before moving the car. Then we heard a lorry outside. She groaned and just put the bags down on the floor and hurried out to move the car.

The biped reappeared a couple of minutes later with more bags of shopping. During her absence Pippin had woken up and found the bag of meat. The handles were tied together, but he had made a neat slit in it with his claws and was trying to pull out a package of meat. I was standing there, unsure what to do. I knew he shouldn’t be doing that, but the meat did smell very tempting!

Pippin, the cat, looking innocent

Pippin, trying to look innocent!

The biped said, “Pippin, no!”

But Pippin didn’t stop, he started tugging harder on the package. The biped put the bags down and went across to Pippin. He was very naughty, he still didn’t stop. She took the meat from Pippin and went into the kitchen and put it on the work top, but Pippin followed her and jumped up. She told him to get down, but he wasn’t listening – she had to pick him up and carry him away and put him in another room and close the door.

She came back and said, “You are so good, Clowie! I didn’t mean to leave something so tempting right in front of you. I think you deserve a treat or two, before I check what damage Pippin has done.”

She gave me some treats and made a big fuss of me, then she put the shopping away. After that, she let Pippin out of the room she’d closed him in. He looked around to see if there was any meat left out – he has no shame! The biped gave me some more treats and we had a game together.

I never steal food, but they don’t make a habit of leaving tempting things where I can get them. I hesitated and the opportunity was gone. I’m still not sure what I should do if I get a chance like that again, so I thought I’d ask my friends for advice. I’ve set up a poll with some options and I’d be pleased to hear your ideas in the comments.


Other news

Oscar from My Three Moggies Β has been injured in a fight. The good news is that he has been patched up and is at home again, recovering from his ordeal. He’s receiving lots of love and tuna, but I’m sure he’d like some visitors.

I received a parcel yesterday from Easy. I was one of the winners of a contest on his blog. There was a toy for me and treats. He even put in some treats for my cats! Wasn’t that thoughtful of him? Thank you, Easy! I don’t have any pictures yet. If you don’t know Easy, be sure to pay him a visit. There’s always something entertaining and amusing going on at his place.

See you next Wednesday!


  1. My puppy Pyr-mix, Blaze, would have eaten the meat, blamed it on puppy-lack-of-self-control and then reminded me how cute, adorable and loving he is! (He may have blamed his biped- daddy then too!)

  2. Oh dog, Clowie. That’s a really hard one. Our mind, which is dictated by our stomachs, says do as Pippin did but our hearts say don’t mess with the bipeds, that is if we want our treats. BOL. You’re such a good role (roll, bol) model. wag wag wag Max & Bella

  3. Your manners are very impressive, C. I’m definitely a “Meat? What meat” dog. I like steal and eat first and ask questions later.

    Love and licks,

  4. You were one strong pup, Clowie! I’m impressed! When my mom puts grocery bags down on the floor (only when there are so many that she runs out of table and counter space), I usually stick my head DEEP in the bag and stick there like a magnet. I’ve never eaten anything, but I do lick packages….until I get caught….

    • Thank you! They usually put the interesting bags on the work top when they come in and put the others on the floor, but I can reach the work top if I want to! They generally put the interesting things away first.

  5. I love one of the options in the vote to eat the meat and blame the cat. You really could get away with it now, Clowie, now that Pippin has shown he has no shame. Maya and Pierson are very good about not stealing food. I have accidentally left very tempting food on the counters and then left the house. While away, I was sure I’d come home to find the food eaten. But there it was, still on the counter, untouched. What good doggies! They got rewarded with lots of treats too.

    • Yes, I think blaming the cat is quite a good option. Maya and Pierson deserved the treats! They were very good doggies. It is so tempting when something that smells nice is left out!

  6. I answered the poll the way I thought Rita would answer, and I’m pretty sure she would resist temptation. She’s mostly a very good girl! Besides…. There’s no one else around here to try and blame it on!

  7. I voted resist temptation in part because I am thinking the treats and affection you get as a reward must be better than the meat πŸ™‚ Kind of a selfish way to look at it I know…

  8. Haha – I see the consensus is you should have wolfed it down and blamed Pippin – he’s got a great innocent look, but I’m sure yours is better! πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re having a fun day πŸ™‚

    Your pal Snoopy πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Clowie,

    Some advice on this issue: Just take the meat and blame the cat…. (woth noting I am just a female biped talking here )… πŸ™‚

    Giggles & Hugs Aquileana πŸ˜‰

  10. We can see from one look on sweet Pippin’s face that he is in no way to blame for the meat incident, We think either some other cat who looks a lot like Pippin jumped in the window and attacked the meat, or the biped forgot to feed him and he was starving to death. Either way, its understandable and he is forgiven.

    Once the mom cooked a ham and left it out while she and her boyfriend ate dinner. The bf went back for seconds and one of the mom’s cats, Attila (long gone now), had eaten all around the edges and then shed on what was left. Although the mom had a good laugh, the bf was quite upset. That’s one relationship that didn’t work out.

    That is quite upsetting about Oscar, he was injured quite badly. We’re inclined to think it was a fox and not another kitty. We are sure glad he’s back home, thanks for the update, we’re going to stop by. We hope he stays inside now, where other animals and cars can’t hurt him. We have coyotes in our area, and we live just outside Washington DC! The county sent flyers to everyone telling them to keep cats and dogs inside cause they are just tasty little snacks to the coyotes.

    • I thought you’d see it from Pippin’s point of view, ha ha!
      I’m not surprised that relationship didn’t work out. Someone that can’t see the funny side of food being stolen isn’t worth knowing!
      Yes, I wondered if Oscar had met a fox. The injuries are quite nasty. We don’t have coyotes, but they sound really mean!

  11. Pippin has provided you a wonderful opportunity for the future. If indeed you get into some meats in the future, clearly they will blame Pippin first. And you don’t have to do a thing, ’cause truth be told – people don’t know that dogs can talk so they won’t ask you. SHHH!

  12. Wow, Clowie. I’m as impressed with your restraint as your biped was. You certainly earned a special treat.

  13. Pippin thought the meat was left for him and that your human was encouraging him, that’s evident!!

  14. *High paw* Pippen! I can only dream of doing something like that. Incidentally, I’d blame any dog for doing it.

  15. All of us dogs would NEVER steal meat in a baggie. Mom would probably have our heads! (well, probably not, but we have been trained to resist temptation.)

  16. What a cute lil’ guy you are!! Coarse we luv the pic of Pippin looking innocent as well. We’re new to your blog by way of mutual blogging bud, Cindy Knoke & have to tell you we love it here. Might decide to drop by with our Peachy(tabby cat with entirely too much personality) & see what comes of it.

  17. Shame on you Pippin! You are a bad, bad boy…. Good girl Clowie!

  18. Well, I’m a rabbit so I don’t eat meat. But if I was a dog I would blame the cat.

  19. Clowie, I think you made the right decision! After all, didn’t you get treats you weren’t expecting?! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  20. Pippin was definitely a naughty cat. I would never ever do that. You deserved those treats Clowie.

  21. Good Boy Clowie!! (Still: next time take the chance and blame it on Pippin *whisper*) LOL πŸ™‚

  22. mmmmm, had to image that innocent face making mischief like that. Kitties can be tricky. Good for you to be so well behaved. I voted to say “what meat?” Because it’s not nice to blame someone else and I’m the last one to give advice about resisting temptation, LOL. But if you answer a question with another question, that’s not a lie…is it?

    • Kitties are very good at looking innocent and the don’t really care when they are caught being naughty! You’re right, it isn’t really nice to blame someone else and he is my little pal. Ha ha, evading the question isn’t really being bad!

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