Incredulity Overload

I left my tale where David, the vet, had just told my bipeds I needed antibiotics to make my paw better. (The first part of this story is Paws for Thought and the second is Public Examination.)

He went on to say that he would give me an injection straightaway, but they would need to give me antibiotics for a week. They nodded their agreement, but he hadn’t finished explaining. He said that they had the choice between tablets and giving me injections. My bipeds looked surprised as David went on to explain that he didn’t have tablets in stock, as most of his patients were farm animals. He said that he could give the bipeds a prescription to get the tablets at a pharmacy.

The male biped asked, “A local pharmacy?”

David replied, “In theory, but it’s unlikely they’ll have them locally.”

The male biped asked, “Where will we be able to get them?”

David named a place almost two hours away as “possible” and a place three hours away as “much more likely”. The bipeds looked horrified.

David said, “If you decide on injections, I can give you everything you need and I will show you what to do. Take a few minutes to talk it over and decide.”

Close up of carving, Labuerda village square

One of the carvings on the fountain in the village square
Attribution: Juan R. Lascorz [CC BY-SA 3.0, GFDL, GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The bipeds turned to each other and started discussing it in English.

The male biped said to the female, “I think it should be your decision. I’m catching an early flight and will be away most of the week. You’re going to be looking after Clowie.”

She said, “The injections make sense, given the circumstances, but I don’t know if I can.”

He said, “I’m sure you can, if that’s what you decide. I think David will be patient about showing us what to do, but if you would prefer tablets then we’ll drive around until we find some.”

She went over the pros and cons a few times. The points against the injections didn’t take her long as, let’s face it, the only one was that she didn’t want to do it!

She announced, “I’ll do the injections!”

The male biped asked if she was sure before reverting to Spanish and telling David the decision. David nodded and started to get the things he needed out of his bag. He demonstrated each step slowly and carefully as he gave me the first injection. He asked my bipeds if they understood and whether they had any questions. The female biped said she understood what she had to do.

David said that if they had any worries they should take me to a vet. He said that if everything seemed fine, I should be checked by a vet in ten days time. My bipeds said that we would like to see him for that check. He made sure we had his phone number and said to ring in ten days to arrange it, but to be sure to call sooner if we had any worries.

He then got a fresh, sealed bottle of the antibiotic liquid, along with some needles and syringes, out of his bag and handed them to the female biped. She took them and went to put them safely in the car.

As she reached into the car, she noticed that David was preparing to leave and she asked the male biped, in English, “Could you ask about payment while I put these somewhere safe?”

Before the male biped could say anything, David replied, in Spanish, “You can pay me the next time you see me.”

The female biped, in English, said, “You speak English!”

David answered in Spanish, “I read English, mostly veterinary journals. I speak very little.”

The male biped said, “You obviously understand it, but you never said a word!”

David smiled and said, “Why would I? There was no need. Between you, you told me everything I needed to know.”

The bipeds thanked him for his help and we got back in the car.

We hadn’t gone far, when the female biped said, “I don’t believe it!”

The male biped said, “It’s one of those days. Which part?”

She replied, “The part where I said I’d inject Clowie!”

He said, “Oh, the part where we found out right at the end that David has a good knowledge of English was high on my list. It would have reduced our stress levels to know that sooner!”

The bipeds continued chatting about the strange events of the day while we travelled. I rested, thinking that the day’s excitement was over. It was one of those rare occasions when I was mistaken, but I’ll tell you about the rest of our day another time.

See you next Wednesday!


  1. The injections must have been intimidating but you got to do what you got to do to keep the furball in top shape! So brave of all parties!

  2. Oh ho ho, you do love keeping us hanging Clowie! This story gets more and more interesting…
    Animalcouriers recently posted…Collecting Nacho, Jack Sparrow, Charlie, Carmella and Zeva in ItalyMy Profile

  3. What a brave story. Injections are, meh. Mine aren’t too bothered, luckily.
    Earl Lover recently posted…Weeeeeeeee…My Profile

    • I don’t mind injections too much. If the biped doesn’t get a tablet far enough back in my throat, I spit it out.

  4. Oh Clowie…….what an adventure this is so far….and your Mom was EVER so brave to say she’d give you injections. My Mom says she thinks if she HAD to she could do it too…….can’t wait to hear the rest of the tale!

    Love, Sammy
    Sammy recently posted…Teaser Tell AllMy Profile

    • It was quite an adventure, Sammy! I think we’re lucky that our bipeds will do what it takes to look after us. I’m glad you want to hear the rest of the tale!

  5. Gah! There’s more??? I thought the stressful part was over! Those injections sounds like they will be an adventure, though.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake recently posted…Five Word FridayMy Profile

    • It was quite a day, Cupcake! You’re right, the stressful part of the day was over but something strange happened later.

  6. pay me the next time you see me? wow that’s very generous of vet David… I have some doubts if someone would make such an offer to my staff… welll… they probably look not really reliable :o)
    I remember the time as the internet was a wasteland, we had to drive to nantes (~200 km one way) because they had the meds only at the vet-university :o(
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog WORDY WEDNESDAYMy Profile

    • It’s the first time my bipeds have heard words like that from a vet!
      That’s a long way to go to get medication! It’s strange that you had to go to the place where there is a university for vets – that’s where we would have had to go to get tablets.

  7. I would pick giving injections over pills any old day! I have given them to our cats and my horses. I think I like David.. 🙂
    More excitement?
    Pix Under the Oaks recently posted…Good Fences #60My Profile

    • I can spot a pill in any treat and spit out the pill. They have to chuck them down my throat and if they don’t get them far enough back, I spit them out. They say I could be a lot better about taking tablets!

  8. Glad that day is over with. And thankfully your female biped has nursing blood running through her. If not before, certainly now. wag wag, Max & Bella
    Paulette Mahurin recently posted…The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap by Paulette MahurinMy Profile

  9. Geeze oh man!!! I can’t believe everything you had to go through. I would have been worried about what was in the syringe, but then again, I am the Queen of Paranoia
    Caren Gittleman recently posted…Book Review:Honey the Dixie Dingo Dog by Allen Paul Enter to win!My Profile

    • It was quite a day! Sometimes it’s wise to be paranoid! My bipeds checked the label on the bottle, they always do that.

  10. Ha…funny story. Yikes on the injections though – I never thought I’d be able to do it until our Sally needed shots every week. I learned fast.
    Slimdoggy recently posted…Feeding a Senior Dog: Do Older Dogs need Less Protein?My Profile

  11. so what was wrong with Clowie’s paw? I guess I mean what caused the infection?

    • The paw had been grazed a week or so earlier and had also had an infection a few weeks previously when it had been punctured by a seed. The vet thought that the first infection hadn’t been completely cleared.

  12. Another cliff-hanger! 🙂 Odd that David waited until the last minute to reveal his knowledge of English. I’ve given insulin and allergy injections and it’s not that difficult. Hopefully, your female biped was able to do it, Clowie.
    Debbie D. recently posted…KNOCKIN’ ON HEAVEN’S DOOR – #BOTB RESULTSMy Profile

    • Yes, so much happened that day that I can’t tell you everything at once!
      It would certainly have reduced my bipeds’ stress levels to know that he understood English!

  13. Such a great story! Can’t wait for chapter 2. Now I’m wondering how your biped did with those injections, Clowie!
    Sue recently posted…Sweet Summer Dreams | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  14. OMD! hahahahahaha!!!!! I can’t believe he spoke English the entire time!!!! I wonder how your mom did with those injections??
    That would be hard to do.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…Thank You’s, Ice Cream And Graphics!My Profile

    • My bipeds couldn’t believe it either! My biped wasn’t keen on the idea of giving an injection, but it made sense to choose that option.

  15. You always have to watch what you say as you never really know what languages people understand or speak.
    Emma recently posted…Getting Snuggly With BunnyMy Profile

    • Yes, that’s true, Emma. We’ve heard some very strange conversations when people have assumed no one understood them!

  16. Ooh, your biped was brave! Back in high school, I helped a friend a few times with her insulin shots, and that was not easy to do. But a 3-hour drive doesn’t sound like a good option, either. I hope the experience wasn’t too traumatic for either of you!
    jmmcdowell recently posted…Random Summer MusingsMy Profile

    • It would have been a very long day if we’d gone for the tablets! You were brave to help your friend with her insulin shots. It’s sometimes surprising to find what we can do when we need to.

  17. I would have been petrified at the thought of having to give shots, so your female biped was very brave. I say that, but I had to give myself injections and never thought I could do it, but I did (though I stand by never wanting to be a nurse!). I think we usually find we can do what we need to when faced with it. I can’t believe there’s even more to this story !
    Jan K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Catnip QueenMy Profile

    • My biped wasn’t enthusiastic, but, as you say, it’s surprising what we can do when we need to!
      It was quite a day!

  18. OH my goodness!! I just caught up and can’t believe I have to wait until next week! I’m so impressed by your female biped, I’m not sure I could give my four legger injections.
    Jodi recently posted…Comment on Best Pet Blogs to Follow – Barks and Bytes by ElaineMy Profile

  19. My goodness, Clowie! What a nail-biter! Oh, maybe not a good analogy, eh? Anyway, glad you’re doing better.
    Rumpy recently posted…White People Documentary: Do White People Believe #WhitePrivilege is Real?My Profile

    • Thank you, Rumpy, my paw recovered quite quickly. It wasn’t much fun while it was so swollen. I didn’t do any nail biting, but I did plenty of paw licking!!

  20. Oh injections! I never thought I could do it either but when caring for my dad’s dog with diabetes while my dad was out of town, I found it not as difficult as I thought. Then there was learning to give subcutaneous fluids to my geriatric cat, Gryphon… It’s times like those that make me VERY thankful for kind, patient veterinarians (and their staff too!)

    • It is important to have a good relationship with the vet and staff. I guess lots of us end up doing things we couldn’t imagine doing when the need arises.

  21. This is fun, a little bit of your story each time. If not for the fact that your paw was sore, it would have been a great adventure. I used to have to give my kitty Ginger a needle twice a day for diabetes. She loved to eat, so we did it then. She’d barely notice us. x B
    Boomdee recently posted…It’s Da Bomb!My Profile

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