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I love hiking in new places with my bipeds. Sometimes we walk in a big loop and end up where we started, but quite often we return along the same path. Some of the paths we walk aren’t used very much and it can be difficult to see the path, but I can always retrace our steps.

They noticed this when I was still quite young and they have encouraged me to show them which way to go when we are on our way home. The first time I did this on a long hike, they were surprised when I suddenly settled down for a rest – then they remembered that we’d stopped there for a rest on the way and that made them laugh.

One of our favourite walks separates into two paths that meet up again later – one path is longer than the other and goes to the stream. When we get to that fork, sometimes they choose the direct path and sometimes they say to me, “Which way would you like to go, Clowie?”

It’s a rhetorical question!

Clowie in a stream

Of course I want to go to the stream!

One day we were trying to find a path to the top of a small mountain. We found the beginning of it at the base and began to follow it, but the path grew more and more difficult to see and the trees grew thicker and thicker. We came across a small stream and followed that upwards until that became too steep. Paths in the mountains often follow streams for part of the route.

The bipeds thought they saw the path again and we carried on up. We took a few detours when there was a rocky part without trees and they could see out better and get an idea of how near the top we were. Our progress became even more difficult and they decided that we didn’t have time to get to the top and back down again before it got dark. We stopped and they turned round.

One of them said, “Path? What path?”

They always seem to find it harder to see the path down a mountain when they turn round, but I don’t think they had a clue this time!

The other one said, “I hope Clowie remembers the way, otherwise it’s going to take us ages to find a way back down.”

I had no doubts at all. I headed down through the trees with them following behind me. Occasionally one of them would say, “Are you sure, Clowie?”

I just gave them a look and continued. Then I took a sharp right turn and one of them said, “I’m fairly sure that’s not the way, Clowie!”

I continued a few yards and then stopped and looked at them, while it dawned on them that this was one of the places they’d tried to see out from amongst the trees. Did they apologise? No, but the look on their faces was priceless.

They told me I was clever and made a fuss of me and asked me to carry on. I guided them safely to the lower reaches of the mountain where even they could see the path again!

See you next Wednesday!


  1. Clowie, youz amazing.. Wez always get lost, can you come live with me 🙂 xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. I would follow Clowie anywhere!

  3. What a smart pup you are Clowie! Sounds a bit like my dog and my hubby, but he even manages to get lost on the city streets! He is very directionally challenged and he took her for a long walk one day. He was sure he was going the right way home, but she insisted on turning left, so he finally let her lead the way, and of course she was right!

  4. We could be guides too I bet but Mom doesn’t trust us…she thinks we will go on a long critter hunt rather than back to the starting point!

  5. Wow, Clowie… you’re BRILLIANT! 🙂 And so beautiful! What a lovely photo! 🙂 xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  6. I’d like to have seen that look…..!
    A beautiful photograph of you in the stream, too.

  7. You are s clever! and i always like the path the stream (any stream!) the best as well. this was a wonderful story and I love the pic of you in the stream. Take care my friend! and just keep it between us that sometimes, bipeds aren’t always that smart when it comes to paths.

    Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 05:01:05 +0000 To: [email protected]

  8. You are so witty & clever Clowie. Humans should learn from you (Oh those bipeds!)

    I have nominated you for the Bouquet of Award (six awards ) please check it out at the end of this post (scroll it down )

    Hugs Aquileana 🙂

  9. Show mercy Clowie. Bipeds don’t have the great and amazing Clowie-noses they can count on. They still need to learn to trust you!

    • Sometimes I think that bipeds’ noses are completely useless! They haven’t questioned me since then when I’m showing them the way, so I guess they are learning.

  10. Clowie, we don’t know who is luckier. You, because your bipeds take you for long mountain walks (not all do) or, the bipeds cause they have you to rely on!

  11. U R so cute, Clowie. Did they apologize… still smiling. What a great photo of you in that pond. Lot of interesting paths around these parts, some lead in circles, some dead end into trees, some have grrrrrrrrrreat scents from droppings of wild life, those are are favorite! But our bipeds turn into chicken and don’t like ’em. Oh well. wag wag, Max & Bella

  12. Clowie, I would love to go on an adventure with your, but you would have to go quite slow, and you would need to remember I need lots of breaks. I am not as quick or as strong as I once was, but the heart is still there. Keep that in mind, take care Clowie. Biped Bill

  13. You are so smart, Clowie! That is a great trick to teach a dog. I remember when I was a girl, we’d go camping all the time. Even though my sister and I were young, we were often allowed to go exploring by ourselves. However, we weren’t entirely by ourselves. We always had a dog with us.

    • Thank you. I find it fun to show the bipeds the way back, it makes it exciting for me – and they can put the maps away.
      It sounds like you had fun when you went camping – and I bet the dog always knew the way back!

  14. Sweet Clowie it is a good thing your bipeds take you along or they may never make it back home. You are so smart and they are very lucky to be able to go places interesting and have you to guide them back. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. Awesome blog Clowie! You are one smart pooch! Very honored to know you.

  16. I love how you stopped for a rest on the way back because that’s what you all did on the way in! Your bipeds are lucky to have such a good guide with them for their hikes. Alas, it’s true—humans can have a difficult time finding a path or retracing our steps!

    • I still pause wherever we’ve stopped to see if they want to rest there on the way back as well – it makes them smile every time! They definitely find my superior skills useful when the path is difficult to see!

  17. You are very clever Clowie and thank goodness they have you. I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to direction. Everyone knows it, especially me. My SIL laughs like mad because in a Hotel they’d all go one way and I’d turn another. I would never leave home without you. Thank goodness my phone now offers GPS, where there’s cell coverage of course. I imagine in the mountains I’d be so much better off ditching the phone and having you xoK

    • You’re right, I’m far better than a GPS in the mountains – cell coverage is better than you’d expect, but it’s still patchy. One of my bipeds is like you and has no sense of direction!

  18. what a view that must have been! Your so smart Clowie! Sorry we took so long to come back, we’ve moved.

  19. Honey has a good nose. I wonder if I could communicate to her that I need her to lead us home. Normally, she goes in the opposite direction when we get close to home because she wants to keep hiking. 🙂

    Your bipeds are lucky to have CPS (Clowie positioning service) to help them. Or is it GPS (Global puppy service)?

    • CPS – love it!
      I think you could teach Honey to do the same because she is intelligent and likes learning. I think the challenge would be finding a time when Honey wants to go home rather than stay out and party! My bipeds said “home” each time we arrived home for a few weeks, then they started saying “let’s go home” when we were a short distance from home and they knew I was keen to get back to eat. But they were working with something that is a fairly natural behaviour for my breed. We generally take the lead and make sure everything is safe for the livestock following us and rely on smaller dogs to do all that tiresome herding of the stragglers – please don’t tell my bipeds they’re my livestock, they might be offended!

  20. Your bipeds are so lucky to have you as a gude, Clowie! 🙂

  21. Hi Clowie

    You’re super clever to remember all the directions, like a furry GPS!!

    When we go out, my buddy Cosmo is in charge of directions, he always wants to head to the park! The other day it was raining and Mum and Dad said we’d just go around the block, at every corner Cosmo tried to get us to go a longer route, it was really funny! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hi Snoopy, it sounds to me as though Cosmo has the right idea! I don’t know why bipeds complain about a spot of rain – puddles are such fun!

  22. Hats off Clowie.. u surely saved your bipeds from getting lost (y)

  23. Clowie–good thing you are around to help your humans-who knows where they would have ended up? Thank you too for taking the time to visit Little Dogs Laughed-we appreciate you visiting and look forward to reading more of your adventures!

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