The male biped was putting things away in the kitchen and the female biped had gone outside. I decided the cats had the right idea and it was a good time for a nap. As I settled down I noticed that the male biped had left the kitchen and gone upstairs.

I was dozing when the female biped came back in. I heard her say something about spots of blood on the floor. The next thing I knew she was bending down by me checking my face and paws! She seems to think that I sometimes put my nose and paws where they don’t belong, so those are the parts most likely to be hurt. Then she went across to the cats and checked their faces and paws, apparently she doesn’t trust them to keep out of mischief either. Then she picked Mulberry up and checked him all over. Then it was Pippin’s turn.

The biped came back and knelt down by me. It was my turn – again! She took each of my paws and checked between all my toes. She looked at my face and in my ears and even in my mouth at my tongue! She asked me to stand up. I sighed because I wanted to go to sleep and I knew the blood wasn’t mine, but I knew she’d persist so I stood up. She checked me all over. She said that she couldn’t see anything wrong with me. I could have told her that!

Clowie, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, sleeping

Can’t you read? I was trying to sleep!

She was about to take another look at Mulberry and Pippin when the male biped came downstairs and asked what was going on. She replied that she’d found some blood on the kitchen floor and was trying to find out which of us had a cut. I think she should try using her nose! The giant from “Jack and the Beanstalk” could have sniffed his way to the source of the blood in no time at all!

The male biped said that we were all fine and she should let us take our naps. She replied that one of us must have a cut or graze and she wanted to make sure it was cleaned and we were okay. He stood there with a sheepish expression on his face and held his thumb up to show a new plaster on it. He explained that he’d cut himself while putting things away in the kitchen and had gone up to the bathroom to get a plaster.

The female biped then went to the treat jar and took out a treat for me. She also gave Mulberry and Pippin some cat treats. The male biped wanted to know why he didn’t get a treat when it was him that had the cut! She told him that he was perfectly capable of getting a treat for himself and it was all his fault that she’d been looking for a cut on one of us in the first place! I don’t think she really meant it because a moment later she asked him if he was okay and then made him a mug of tea. He does enjoy a big mug of sweet tea!

See you next Wednesday!


  1. Loved it! Except for the part where your naps were disturbed. It is hard to believe that you would put your nose anywhere it doesn’t belong since you are the perfect dog and don’t let anyone else–especially bipeds–tell you any different! I wish my biped would go to bed; I can’t sleep when she is in the kitchen working on the computer; she needs to be in bed or the office where there are beds and rugs to rest on. Mack

    • Thank you, naps shouldn’t be disturbed unless it’s an emergency! I don’t put my nose where it doesn’t belong (well, hardly ever and then it’s a matter of opinion) but if the biped thinks one of us is hurt she won’t rest until she finds out what the problem is.
      I hope you get a nice nap soon, Mack!

  2. Uh oh! I hope male human is ok!

  3. A couple nights ago, MacKenzie was sleeping very peacefully. I was convinced she needed to go outside just one more time before *I* went to bed, and I kept calling her. She finally raised her sleepy head and gave me a look that communicated so clearly that she thought I was nuts.

    I went to bed, lesson learned. She went back to sleep. Sometimes us bipeds really do need to listen to our canine and feline family members a little more carefully.

    (Glad your male biped wasn’t hurt too badly!)

  4. Wow a treat for having your slumber disturbed sounds ok.

  5. Whew! Close call……I’m glad none of you had an “owie” but sorry your male biped was injured……AND you all got a treat out of the incident – that’s a good thing!

    Hugs, Sammy

  6. Sometimes bipeds can be too clever for their own good 😉 At least all furry beings got paid for the unnecessary interruption 😉

  7. Men! paws and bipeds are all alike. Woof!

  8. glad your male biped is okay although quite frankly i do not understand how he made it all the way upstairs and you didn’t hear him!!!

  9. Glad to hear you lot were ok!!

  10. Clowie I do the same thing….and by the time I get through 4 cats and 2 dogs..sheesh..but not happy until I find the source 🙂 glad to see the naps resumed 🙂 and hugs to poor treatless dad 🙂 Fozziemum xx

  11. Clowie, I couldn’t help but smile, if there is a blood trail in my home my wife immediately asks me what did I cut. I can’t grab any tool without finding a way for me to hurt myself. LOL. We have bandaids in almost every room in the house. So there wouldn’t be a mystery here and your nap would not have been disturbed. Take care, Biped Bill

  12. At least your got a treat for all that zzzzz interruption. Love how your biped mom was showing ya’ll so much loving concern… We know, we know, motherly love can be a bit much at times… BOL, Max, Bella, & Lady Luck

  13. I need a sign like that. It looks so much better in Spanish. Very like, “No molesters”.
    Glad it turned out to be just a tempest in a teapot! ~:o)=
    Keep safe!
    Stella (via her Scribe)

  14. Bahahaha sounds like male biped got off very lightly there! It’s nice to know that female biped cares about you all so much <3

  15. I bet all female bipeds are related… my mom always checks me first before she asks my dad when she discovers blood on the floor. I hope the cut on your dad heals up soon… and yes, he deserves a treat too.. maybe Pippin&Mulberry will give him one of their treats?

    • It would explain a lot if they’re all related, Easy!
      I asked Mulberry and Pippin if the biped could have some of their treats – they’re still laughing at the idea!

  16. Hope Daddy’s cut get’s better soon, worth being woken up from a nap for a treat 🙂 Have a super week guys xxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  17. I’m glad your male biped is fine. And treats! This mystery had a good ending and glad it was none of you fur folk who were injured. We female bipeds have sharp eyes and will always get to the bottom of a mystery. SamCat is going to be a guest blogger on my blog this week. He hasn’t told me yet what day. I imagine he will just come up with his “story” for me to type for him. He very much admires you.

    • Female bipeds won’t rest until they’ve solved a mystery such as the source of a couple of spots of blood!
      I’m looking forward to reading what SamCat has to say and I’ll let my cats read it as well.

  18. Thank goodness it was only a cut thumb! Years ago, our mom found blood on the kitchen floor, wiped it up when she couldn’t figure out who left it, then watched the kitties carefully. One fo the kitties who has since gone to Bridge, started squatting and left more blood behind. His urethra was blocked and he had to go the the emergency vets pronto because it’s a life threatening condition.

  19. Well she may have disturbed you but it certainly shows that she really loves you all which is always a great thing, eh?
    The Pigs xx

  20. Awww poor biped!
    I love how he was cut, and you gave the pets a treat BOLOLOLOL!!!! Too funny! At least you made him a coffee afterwards BOL!!! Have a great week!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  21. LOL! I’m glad all the furry ones are okay. I’m happy the biped was too, but you all couldn’t have gone to get your own bandaid like the biped could. 🙂

  22. I bet it was worth being woken up for the treat:-)

  23. Aww, Clowie I think you dad owed your mum a treat for making her worry about you all like that!
    Hugs, Carrie and pups x

  24. In the kitchen Mom is a terrible mess with knives. We all know if there is blood in the kitchen, 99.9% of the time it is hers! Good you got your paws on that do not disturb sign!

    • I can sleep through a lot, but sometimes that sign is needed! I think bipeds should learn to use their teeth properly instead of playing with knives!

  25. Glad everyone was OK and that there were treats for everyone 🙂

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