Couriouser and Curiouser

We left my story when we were driving away from the village where we had met David, the vet, for the first time. (The first part of this tale is Paws for Thought, the second is Public Examination and the third part is Incredulity Overload.)

When we drew into the town where we had begun our search for a vet, the male biped suggested stopping for a cold drink and a snack. There was a bar on the main road with a large, shady area with tables and chairs. We chose a table and the male biped went into the bar to order some drinks and find out what snacks there were, while the female biped helped me to settle down. She opened up my folding bowl and poured some cool water into it for me. I was quite content to relax in the shade.

The male biped soon returned, bringing a menu. The waiter wasn’t far behind him, carrying iced drinks. The bipeds ordered ‘bocadillos‘ from the waiter. I relaxed and listened to the bipeds chatting quietly. They seemed as pleased as I was to wind down after our busy morning.


Attribution: By Tamorlan (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We hadn’t been there long before a man approached us. He was the man that we had met early that morning when we began our search for a vet – he had sent us to the local offices of Ministry of Agriculture. It seemed like a long time ago as so much had happened since then, but it was only a few hours ago. He’d spotted us from the road and had come to ask if we’d found a vet and how I was. My bipeds thanked him and said we’d seen a vet and I was going to be fine. They asked him if he’d like to join us for a drink, but he said he couldn’t stay.

A few minutes later the waiter brought my bipeds’ food. A few tasty treats found their way down to me. I was quite tired and I was just dozing off when I heard bells. I didn’t take much notice at first as the sound was a long way off. It gradually drew nearer and nearer and it became louder and louder, till it sounded as though it was in the main road in front of us.

I sat up to take a look. I blinked. I shook my head. I blinked again. The road was full of sheep and goats, hundreds and hundreds of them – maybe even thousands. It couldn’t be true!

I thought, “Curiouser and curiouser!”

I almost expected to see Alice, along with the White Rabbit. Then I remembered that I’d been given an injection and surmised that I was hallucinating. I decided that if the drugs were that strong the best thing to do was to sleep while they did their work, so I settled back down and closed my eyes.

The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

As I drifted off to sleep, I thought I heard the male biped say, “If I’m not mistaken, Clowie just said, ‘I don’t believe it!'”

He had the sense of it correct – I’d say that’s close enough for a biped! When they woke me up to take me home, things seemed to be back to normal – apart from a lingering smell and lots of poo in the street that I wasn’t allowed to investigate.

Later on, I heard the bipeds talking about it and I discovered the goats and sheep had been real! Some of the farmers in the area still take their animals up to the mountains to graze for the summer. We had seen them being brought back down in preparation for the winter.

What a day it had been!

See you next Wednesday!


  1. it seems your dream came really true… the whole street was full of future food… wow what a tasty pawrade :o)

  2. Can’t believe you didn’t get to try one of those snacks 😉
    Animalcouriers recently posted…UK reunions for Neo, Lino, Willow, Gulliver, Hector, Sammy and DemetriMy Profile

  3. What a day is right! Sheesh! That day was one adventure after another – including a hallucination that was real!

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake recently posted…Inspirational Quote of the WeekMy Profile

  4. No wonder you thought you were hallucinating! We see the flocks passing in front of our house in Spain if there at the right season…it’s impressive!

    • Yes, it was a lot of animals. They took a long time to pass by. The bipeds were pleased we were relaxing in the bar and not stuck in the car!

  5. Wow, wadda a day, pawrade and tid-bits from the table (and that sandwich looks so yummy). That was a good reward for all you’d been through that day. Phew! wag wag, Max & Bella <3 <3
    Paulette Mahurin recently posted…The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap by Paulette MahurinMy Profile

  6. Well, at least you know you weren’t just hallucinating!!!!!!
    that must have been a site!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…Dogs Speak To Those Who ListenMy Profile

  7. Oh my goodness Clowie! All those animals down the road at once – must have been amazing to see!!! My Mom thinks that sandwich looks quite interesting and wants to know what was IN it???!!!

    Hugs, Sammy
    Sammy recently posted…Shopping Around The WorldMy Profile

    • It was amazing, Sammy! I’d never seen anything like it.

      Your mom is right, Sammy – that sandwich is very interesting! It contains Spanish omelette – depending where you are in Spain it’s called Spanish omelette (tortilla española) or potato omelette (tortilla de patatas). It only contains potatoes, oil and eggs, but it’s somehow more than the sum of its parts. It can be eaten warm or cold. Here’s a link to a recipe if your mom would like to try making it – – my biped says it’s important to cook it slowly. You can test if it’s done like you would a cake, by poking something sharp into the middle.

  8. Nearly nice a smell as Liver Cake eh Clowie?!! Your nostrils must have had a senory overload 😉 Must have led to some lovely dreams though!
    europasicewolf recently posted…Smashing the Final Planetary Frontier!My Profile

    • Yes, almost as interesting as liver cake! It was a fascinating smell. I would have liked more time to investigate the smells when I woke up again.

  9. WOW, what an adventure! Ministry of Agriculture, public exam, and now goats! Gee whiz.

  10. You have some amazing adventures, Clowie, but gee… to sleep through that parade of goats and sheep??!! 🙂
    Sue recently posted…Rosie and the Security Patrol | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  11. I bet you would have pinched yourself if you could! Oh my, I’m not quite sure how’d I react to all that hoopla!
    Jodi recently posted…Follow-Up Friday – July 31, 2015My Profile

  12. Somehow I think that was the perfect end to such a crazy day….more unbelievable craziness! 🙂
    Jan K recently posted…Happy National Mutt Day!My Profile

  13. I could eat one of those potato omelettes right now! It looks like the potato cakes that CH fries up with leftover mashed potatoes… 🙂
    You had quite a few new experiences, Clowie!

  14. Amazing that so many sheep and goats suddenly appeared on the street before you, or were you still dreaming! lol

  15. That must have been quite a sight, Clowie! Understandable to think you might have been hallucinating. What an unusual day, all around. Those bocadillos certainly look appetizing. 🙂
    Debbie D. recently posted…CIRCLE – PHOTO FRIDAYMy Profile

    • It was quite a sight! It was a very unusual day, so you can understand why I doubted my senses.
      The bipeds enjoyed the bocadillos. 🙂

  16. So your humans got a floor show with their refreshments. Love it!

    It’s just as well you thought you were hallucinating. You wouldn’t have wanted to chase all those animals with your sore foot.
    Pamela recently posted…Does My Dog Need A Psychiatrist?My Profile

    • Yes, I think the bipeds quite enjoyed the show!
      It’s true – I’d have been disappointed to not be able to follow them and find out what they were up to!

  17. I would be exhausted after that day, too! And I think your bipeds could at least have let you check out a little bit of those sheep droppings—after all, look at all you’d been through! 🙂
    jmmcdowell recently posted…Five Ghostly Discoveries From The Author Of “The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts”My Profile

    • Yes, I think the bipeds were tired as well – it seemed like a very long day!
      I’m glad you understand – a little nibble at some sheep droppings would have been quite a tonic for me.

  18. Aurora Jean Alexander

    You’re having quite interesting days lately, right? It seems your food walks by. LOL

  19. Bocadillos con tortilla des patatas – delicioso! There was a plaza we used to go to in the town in Spain where I used to live where they did the most excellent tortilla des patatas with green peppers & onions & if the cafe owners got the mix absolutely right it was too die for! 🙂

    Very ironic that you missed all the fabulous sounds & sights of the goats & sheeps going by when usually you’re waking your bipeds up in the middle of the night at the slightest sound! 🙂

    • That tortilla sounds really good. There are some great variations on it, but even the basic version tastes different in different places.

      My bipeds find it amazing what I can sleep through if I’ve decided it’s okay – when I wake up to the slightest unusual sound! 😀

  20. Obviously those drugs weren’t too strong since you still had the mind set to want to investigate those smells in the street. But I think it is good you were too sleepy to leap up to help herd those sheep and goats. That would not have helped your sore paw! Brychwyn and Huxley definitely would have wanted to be a part of moving those herds for the winter.

    • I guess it wouldn’t have helped my paw recover! I’ve also since discovered that the dogs working with the animals don’t appreciate other dogs being anywhere near them usually, so I was better off taking a nap.

  21. Ha! An old farmland antidote to a sleepless night is to pretend to count sheep to help fall asleep, except now yours were real. Did you hear their bleeping and bah’s as they went by? I thing that would be very cool to see.
    How nice for that gentleman to stop by your table and inquire about how you were doing. Sounds like a nice friendly place. x B
    Boomdee recently posted…It’s Da Bomb!My Profile

    • Yes, I could hear them chatting as they went along. My bipeds say it took a while for them all to pass by. It is quite a sight to see so many on the move!
      It is a friendly place, people are always keen to help if they can.

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