Cat Tales

The chair scare

Mulberry has a nasty encounter with an evil chair!

Not too close!

This is about how I look after the cats and keep them out of danger.

Throwing in the towel

This is all about Pippin and his thoughts on a towel.

The first time I ever saw a kitten

This is the story of my first meeting with Mulberry who was a kitten and how our friendship grew.

The first time I ever saw a cat

This is the story of my first meeting with Pippin, when I was a puppy, and how we became friends.

Spotlight on Savannah

An interview with Savannah, a rescue cat. She shares her experiences of growing to trust again.

Purrfect obedience cat

Mulberry attempts to outshine me and get all the treats!

A fridge too far

An interview with Pippin, my cat. He shares his early experiences and how he came to live with our bipeds.

Inspector Clowie

The tale of a missing cat and my detective work.


  1. I love all animals… but I’ve always had cats! 🙂

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