C is for Clowie

No, it isn’t Wednesday already, but I have news I want to share!

My friends at Love is being owned by a Husky have written a beautiful post all about me – “C is for Clowie“.

Some of you may not know them yet, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy their antics – do stop by and say hi!

Love is being owned by a Husky blog header

This is their blog header – clicking on it will take you to the blog’s home page


  1. Aww what a lovely post, on a great blog! You must be so proud to have the letter C dedicated all to you! But you are very deserving Clowie!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

  2. There’s a group of dog park friends who have a group site on facebook. One of them posted this today and I thought of you, Clowie. The caption was, “This is the most patient dog in the world.” It looks so much like you and I couldn’t help wondering if it was a distant relative. Warm hugs.

  3. Hi Clowie! Have been wondering how your humans came to give you with such a pretty name? Was it a special name that they coined especially for you?

    • Yes, they did create it for me. The cats are named after things in our garden and they wanted to do the same for me. They almost called me Clover, but it didn’t feel quite right. They turned it into Clowie, keeping the first syllable of clover and sounding just like the French name Chloe. They spelt it that way because they are David Bowie fans.

  4. I am so behind Clowie, purrlease forgive me. I will go right over to the Huskies…I follow them too!!

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