Back to basics

I was returning home from a lovely walk with the female biped. It was one of those warm days we’ve had that have been a pleasant surprise in between the cold and wet days. I was walking really close to her, so close that my shoulder was in contact with her leg as we walked. We decided to take the shortcut across the playing field. There was no one else there as it was a weekday.

The biped glanced down and stopped in her tracks. I also stopped. She was wearing pale, stone-coloured trousers, a very wise choice of colour when I’m shedding so much hair! But she had seen a wide stripe of bright pink stuff across the front of the leg nearest me.

She exclaimed, “How did that get there? It looks like ice cream! But where did it come from?”

I decided that I would take advantage of her standing around chatting to herself to make the most of my find. I slurped loudly as I tilted my head back to allow the ice cream cone I’d picked up to slide into my mouth, along with its contents. One crunch and it was gone! The slurping nose attracted her attention, just in time for her to see the ice cream disappear. She didn’t look pleased!

Pink ice cream

Attribution: By Pink Sherbet Photography from USA (Colorful Black Raspberry Ice Cream Cone) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

She wanted to know, “Where was that? How did you manage to pick it up without even breaking step?”

She reminded me that I know better than to pick up and eat things I find. I do, but it was too tempting. It was calling to me to eat it. She also called me sneaky – I think that was a bit harsh!

Later in the day she announced that we were going back to basics with certain parts of my training. I had to show that I can “leave it” when I see something tempting. Of course I can! She also wanted me to demonstrate that I can “drop it” if I have something in my mouth. I didn’t think it wise to mention that neither of these commands would help when she was too slow to see the ice cream in the first place!

She must have read my mind because the very next day she put the next part of her plan into action. The good news is she took me to where there are some very smelly bins overflowing with the most delectable items. The bad news is that, in order to get a treat or a fuss, I had to feign indifference to the bins. I don’t find this particularly difficult and I enjoy the opportunity to earn extra treats.

I suspect I’m going to have to demonstrate my ability to resist some very tasty items over the coming weeks. I also suspect that the bipeds are going to be watching me even more carefully than usual, so I’m unlikely to get the chance to pick anything else up for quite a while. They keep saying how worrying it is that I could pick something up and eat it so quickly and that it isn’t safe for dogs to do that.

I’m going to need some lovely long walks to work off the extra treats I’m earning, as the bipeds have said that they are going to take some convincing that I’m not continually on the lookout for contraband to eat. This extra training could take a while!

Have you ever eaten something when you knew you shouldn’t?

See you next Wednesday!


  1. I am impressed! Jen is forever telling me to leave it! Where we live there’s lots of transient activity, so you never know what you’ll find.

    But the best (or worst, according to Jen) thing I ever found was a squirrel that had just died. I had it grabbed up before Jen saw it and would NOT let go. We were near home so she just walked me to the back yard and let me be.

    • Wow! A squirrel is quite a find, I’m not surprised you were reluctant to part with that. The best thing I ever got in my mouth was a long-dead pheasant – needless to say, the biped didn’t approve!

  2. Oh Clowie, that was a spot of luck 😉 We do know why it worries your bipeds though 🙁
    Animalcouriers recently posted…Safe homecomings in the UK for Bob, Ben, Missy and Mabel; and Pica and TrebolMy Profile

    • It was too good to miss, it was delicious! Yes, my bipeds tell me nothing is worth the risk – but it’s a tricky business!

  3. I also find ice cream very tempting Clowie so you’re in good company – made me smile this morning the description of you snaffling it before your female biped fully was aware what was going on! 🙂 Happy #woofwoofwednesday !

  4. OH that is scary, so many bad people who put bad things to her others, Please do not do that again..
    fredrieka SweetPaws recently posted…Garden TimeMy Profile

    • My biped says it’s scary because it happened so fast. It was so tempting, but they’re working hard on convincing me to never do it again.

  5. Well that ice cream cone looked pretty darn irresistible to me too! But your biped is right about it being a bit dangerous to just root around in the bins and maybe getting something really BAD for you. I say relearning the rules isn’t ALL bad if you can get treats for obeying!!

    Hugs, Sammy
    Sammy recently posted…Teaser Tell AllMy Profile

  6. I’m the roadcleaner on four legs… I had a feather, a candy wrap and something my mom called: ewww, I don’t want to know what it was…butt before I could eat it they removed it from my mouth… how mean :o(
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog TROUBLE TUESDAYMy Profile

  7. Clowie I understand how important it is for you not to eat things that could be bad for you. I knew your biped was not going to let that go by without doing a little remedial work.. 🙂 Bet that cone was good though. I got my email notice.. 🙂

  8. Wow, what temptation. We know that “leave it!” command all too well. Very impressive Clowie.
    Paulette Mahurin recently posted…RIP LADY LUCKMy Profile

    • Yes, it was too much of a temptation! I expect, like me, you hear “leave it” when you’ve found something very interesting!

  9. I don’t eat stuff except if I can find a good dead animal, then I try. Bailie enjoys putting everything in her mouth. We hear drop it, leave it all the time on our walks.
    Emma recently posted…Surrounded By GreenMy Profile

  10. Ah my huskies are a little too good at picking things up while they walk too! They do listen well to “leave it” but if they spot it first, i’m in trouble! haha!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…The day after…My Profile

  11. With people being so mean spirited these days Clowie, you have very wise bi-peds! Take care it is so sad when an animal gets poisoned and passes! Be good and follow their lead on this one!

    • I’ll try to be good. I know they’ll be training hard with me until they convince me – and they’ll be watching me even more carefully than usual.

  12. Oh boy, an ice cream cone is pretty tough to resist, Clowie. I’m pretty sure none of my crew would have let that go either.
    Well, hopefully you enjoy training and the extra treats you get for it. I guess that’s a reminder that we have to give you guys refresher courses every so often!
    Jan K recently posted…Beagle in the SunMy Profile

    • I found it impossible to resist! They usually manage to make training fun, so I think I’ll enjoy getting the treats. I guess we all need reminding of what we know at times.

  13. Oh, I don’t blame you for not being able to resist ice cream! My fave food! Rita is SO picky that I don’t normally have to worry about her picking stuff up. She’s never picked up anything while on leash, but when we used to go to the big off leash park, she ate a dead gopher a time or two! It was horrifying! But this is a good reminder, that we should work on leave it and drop it!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: A Photo FlashbackMy Profile

    • That ice cream was irresistible! I’ve never found dead gopher – sounds interesting! Leave it and drop it are very important for every dog to know.

  14. Eating things I’m not supposed to is my favorite hobby. That’s why Mom taught me to leave it and that’s why she watches me like a hawk. She calls me the name of Lightning when I grab something off the ground so quickly that she barely has time to say NO or leave it. I dream of the day she will forget to pay attention. Have fun “practicing” what you already know, C. It sounds ….delicious!

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake recently posted…Waiting and WaitingMy Profile

    • I think they’re going to be watching me like hawks, Cupcake. I don’t think I’ll get another chance to grab an ice cream for quite some time. The training is fun though – the treats are almost as good as that ice cream was!

  15. This need for basics seems to be contagious, Clowie. Yesterday Brychwyn bowed his head and scooped a berry lying on the sidewalk into his mouth! Like your biped, I was very disappointed that my smart, mature corgi would do something helearned not to many years ago right in front of me. Plus, berries on the sidewalk aralways the poisonous kind. At least it is springtime, so we will have mostly nicweather for all of our back to basics training too!

    • My biped doesn’t like me touching any seeds or berries, so I understand your concern. It’s hard to imagine a berry being as tempting as an ice cream, but it must have been! Wish Brychwyn good luck in his back to basics training for me. It’s fun earning the treats and fuss!

  16. I know you know this Clowie, but that ice cream cone could have been something to make you very sick. We are relieved you are OK and the back to basics is a good idea
    Savannah’s Paw Tracks recently posted…Wonder Who Did That?My Profile

    • It seemed too good to miss, but you’re right I do know better than to do that. The bipeds are working hard with me so that I’m less likely to forget again.

  17. I am glad I am a cat and the word training doesn’t seem to be in my vocabulary! But my human says that the word might not be there, but the spirit is!!!! Apparently it is included in the words “No Austin!” MOL
    Austin Towers recently posted…It’s the way I tell ’em!My Profile

  18. Aurora Jean Alexander

    You’re such a great dog Clowie. Most dogs just can’t resist and they’ll try everything to pick something tempting up. I know that ice cream was too good to just leave. But seriously. You know very well that your biped was right. It is dangerous. Some idiotic dog hater could spread out poisonous treats. Can you imagine picking up and eating one of those on a walk? Your female biped would have enormous problems to get you to the vet in time!
    So be careful, ok?

    • Thank you, I will try to resist temptation in the future. The bipeds are working with me to remind me I should never do anything like that again. There is something in the news again today about suspicious treats being left out near a park – I can understand my bipeds’ concern.

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