A Visit to the Canal

I’m really enjoying exploring my new territory. It only takes a few minutes to walk to the canal, so we often stroll along the towpath.

There is a family of swans that we often see – two adults and five cygnets. The male swan hates dogs! He puffs his feathers up and hisses as soon as he sees one. Each time we’ve seen him the bipeds have stayed between him and me and we’ve kept moving. I’ve always ignored his antics and just walked quietly past.

He’s seen me a number of times now and seems a little less worried by me. He still doesn’t trust me, but he just watches me carefully. I don’t take it personally because I don’t trust him either. I have never trusted swans since I saw a pair bullying the male biped to get his food.

Swan and cygnets

Swan and cygnets

The cygnets are more or less as large as the adults now, but they could still be described as ugly ducklings.

I’ve been so busy! I’ve got lots to tell you, but it will have to wait for next time.

I won’t be around for a few weeks as the bipeds are taking some holiday. I’m looking forward to taking some really long walks in the area.

See you soon!


  1. How very wise of you both not to trust each other 😉 Hope your bipeds have a fabulous holiday – must need it after their marathon search for a new home for you all.
    animalcouriers recently posted…Delivering pets in Switzerland and Italy, and collecting new passengers on our way back to the UKMy Profile

    • The bipeds said that he’s wise to keep an eye on dogs!

      Thank you, I’ll do my best to ensure the bipeds have a good time, I think they are in need of some rest and relaxation.

  2. Swans are pretty birds but I’d stay clear of them especially when they have their youngsters around! Glad you are having fun exploring your new territory Clowie! Will look forward to more after holidays!

    Love, Sammy
    Sammy recently posted…Teaser Tell All Time!My Profile

    • You’re wise to keep clear of them, Sammy! Bipeds are taken in by their beauty.

      I’m having a wonderful time exploring this area. Have a good time while I’m on holiday!

  3. I like the young ones because they are so fuzzy!
    Emma recently posted…Imitation Is The Highest Form Of FlatteryMy Profile

  4. oh hoe great that you like your new kingdom!!! it’s wise not to trust that white big berds… they once nearly killed the mama as she came too close to a mom and her ducklings… they have white feathers butt a black soul :o)

  5. It’s a cute little family. Glad you are enjoying your new home. Enjoy the holiday and have fun!

  6. What a beautiful photo of them all Clowie. So glad that you are really enjoying your new home 🙂 Great hearing from you!
    Marty the Manx recently posted…Wordless Wednesday StandoffMy Profile

  7. Are you SURE that “he” isn’t a “she????” That behavior sounds like a Mama protecting her babies and is part of the reason why Dakota doesn’t like walks. We have a pond here and YEARS ago (but Shelties hold grudges), a Mama goose came after Dakota because she had babies in the vicinity. We aren’t fans of swans or geese for that reason! They are MEAN!!
    Caren Gittleman recently posted…Pawlympics Freestyle Napping EventMy Profile

    • “He” could easily be a “she” – it’s difficult to tell with all those feathers! But we assumed that the one that stays close to the babies is mum and the one swimming a little apart and getting stroppy at the slightest thing is dad – are we being sexist?

      Poor Dakota! It isn’t much fun when swans or geese get annoyed.

  8. So nice to see you, Clowie. Your bipeds deserve a vacation after the move and I’m sure you’ll enjoy those long walks. Give your bipeds a big tail wag from all of us here. <3
    Paulette Mahurin recently posted…The book does an excellent job of portraying what happened to people in hiding and to people in the camps.My Profile

    • Thank you, it’s nice to see you as well. I’ll do my best to look after the bipeds and I’ll make sure they take plenty of refreshing walks!

  9. Mmmmm, swan…ahem..I mean, beautiful pictures, enjoy wooos new stompin’ grounds!


  10. The cygnets are so cute, hopefully they don’t grow up to be mean like that male swan! I’ve always heard swans can be mean, though we’ve never encountered any ourselves.
    We hope you all enjoy your holiday, moving and settling in is such hard work, I’m sure a break is definitely in order!
    Janet Keefe recently posted…Slice of Summer V – Pool ActionMy Profile

    • I think they’re already developing his attitude – I’ve seen them snapping at ducks that go too close to them! It doesn’t seem to worry the ducks though.

      Thank you, we’re all looking forward to a break.

  11. Swans can be like the geese that live in the field by my house. They watch me very hard when I come by. I used to lunge at them to scare them, but now we just stare at each other. Be careful, C. Birds cannot be trusted.

    Love and licks,

    • I don’t think it’s a good idea to scare them, Cupcake. I think you’ve hit on a much better plan with watching them carefully.

  12. Loved your pictures.
    mariodacat recently posted…My Favorite PlaceMy Profile

  13. M says don’t trust swans. They are beautiful but can be very mean. She had one come after her when she was a young girl. She doesn’t even know what she did to make the swan mad, but it sure didn’t like her. They can run pretty fast too.
    mariodacat recently posted…My Favorite PlaceMy Profile

  14. I’m glad you’re enjoying the new surroundings, Clowie. Yes, it’s good to be wary of strange birds. 🙂
    Debbie D. recently posted…COMING INTO THE 21ST CENTURY | #FlashbackFridayMy Profile

  15. Those swans can be tough ole birds, me and my mom are afraid of ’em. And geese in general aren’t very friendly to the 2 or 4 legged, come to think of it!
    Your fur-iend,
    Sam 🐾

  16. Look so much fun!!! Beautiful pictures!!! Keep having a good time together and enjoy the holidays!!!

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