A trip down memory lane

I’m inviting you to take a trip down memory lane with me this week, as I tell you a little about when I first came to live with my bipeds.

As soon as we left the house where I’d been living with my mother and siblings, my new bipeds carried me to the car. We didn’t have to go far at all, but I heard some passing youngsters say how cute I was! When we got in the car one of the bipeds sat with me and made sure I was comfortable and safe, so I settled down and went to sleep for most of the journey.

Memory Lane

This is how I imagine Memory Lane

Attribution: By Jongleur100 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When we arrived, they carried me indoors and took me to the kitchen. I had been allowed to investigate a little in my mother’s house, so I knew I was up to the task of finding out about my new home. I set off across the room and I soon came across a bowl of food. I later found out that the food had been intended for Pippin, the cat, but I hadn’t eaten for a couple of hours! I took every opportunity there was to eat while I was growing – I was always hungry!

After I’d licked the bowl clean, my new bipeds opened the back door. The doorstep was a bit tricky for my short legs, but I soon found my way out into the back garden to explore. I walked across the path and onto the grass. I hadn’t been on grass before, it felt springy under my paws. I wandered about while my bipeds kept an eye on me.

It wasn’t long before I heard some other people calling to my bipeds. One of my bipeds went and let some people called ‘the neighbours’ into the garden. They told me that I’m gorgeous and cute – I already knew that, but it’s always nice to hear! They enjoyed stroking me and rubbing my tummy. They didn’t stay very long and I went back to wandering about on the grass. Then I suddenly felt exhausted, so I flopped down for a nap. One of the bipeds scooped me up and carried me indoors and put me on a nice, soft blanket.

The next day I was taken to see a man they called the vet. He examined me and said that I was in good health. He talked with my biped about a number of things – food, vaccinations, worming, and where it was safe for me to go to socialise until the vaccinations took full effect.

Over the next few days I discovered a lot more about my home. My bipeds were pleased that I was already used to all the normal noises in a house, such as the vacuum cleaner and washing machine. I was accustomed to being handled by humans, but they began to do things like looking in my ears – I’m not sure what they expected to find in there! They also looked in my mouth regularly, sometimes touching my teeth and gums – I could have told them my mouth was empty. I’d had my paws touched frequently before, but they started to check between my toes – that tickled!

They brushed me every day. They had trouble persuading me to keep still to be brushed because I didn’t really like keeping still and I didn’t like being brushed. I love being brushed now and I can’t understand why I didn’t like it!

They also started taking me out and about to see more of the world. That was very exciting – I’ll tell you more about it another time.

I expect you’ve noticed that a lot of these things were in the Puppy Plan that I mentioned in my post about socialisation last week – some of it was confusing at the time but it all makes sense now.

I think you’ll enjoy this video of some Great Pyrenees puppies having some fun investigating an oversized drinking bowl.

See you next Wednesday!


  1. Thanks for the memories…I am glad we are making memories with our Pyr pup (lots of pictures, walks, hugs).

  2. Love the “wheel tails” on the puppies in the pool…must be a Pyr trait as we have seen it in our pup when happy!

  3. It’s so great that you were introduced to things casually but at an early age. I did much of this stuff with Maya when she was a pup, but some things have been harder for Pierson since he was already a year old when I got him. He is good about letting me brush him, brush his teeth, clean his ears, and cut his toenails. But he is afraid of some things, especially loud things like vacuum cleaners.

    • Yes, these things are just accepted as natural when young. It takes a lot more patience to cure a fear once formed, but I know you’ve made great progress with Pierson.

  4. You took to the change in your living arrangements very well, Clowie!! Sounds like you have some very nice bipeds! πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, sweet Clowie we enjoyed reading this so much. What a wonderful beginning with your family. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. What a nice little puppy you must have been Clowie! I think your bipeds did some great things to help you be a well-adjusted adult doggy. Cute video too πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, everyone wanted to make a fuss of me wherever my bipeds took me, so I think you’re right! I had lots of fun seeing new things as a puppy and adolescent – now I know I was learning all the time.

  7. Beautiful journey… Hope you have enjoyed it Clowie.
    BTW the lanscapes are marvellous.
    Hugs from Aquileana πŸ™‚

  8. Oh Clowie!! I imagine Memory Lane just the same way than you do!! So beautiful!
    I think you had a great first day in your new home with your bipeds, didn’t you?
    They took so much time to introduce you to your new home. πŸ™‚
    And of course I found the little movie with the “oversized drinking bowl” just so cute!!
    Very nice.
    As a youngster – you were cute – but now – you’re beautiful!! πŸ™‚

    • We can’t both be wrong! Memory Lane must look like that!
      My first day with my bipeds was very exciting!
      People I meet do tell me I’m beautiful, I’m glad you think so – thank you.

  9. That was a nice trip down memory lane, Clowie, and I loved seeing the puppies play in their water dish!


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  11. What a fun day for your family. I bet they were so so happy. I sure would be. I thought those puppies were just so darn cute, I’d want to hug and love them all. I like how memory lane looks in your mind, I’m going to borrow that vision too if that’s ok with you πŸ˜€ I watched the puppies in the giant drinking bowl and a few other video’s too after that. There’s another blog I read with two big white dogs. Jasper and Nellie are Maremmas and live in New Zealand. They look a little like you but maybe their hair is shorter.

    • Yes, it was a lovely day for them! I’m very happy for you to borrow my vision of memory lane – I’m sure it’s just like that!
      I know Nellie and Jasper. They are probably an inch or two shorter than me and correspondingly lighter (or should I say less heavy!?). Maremmas are very similar to me in appearance and have a similar outlook on life – we have the same ancestors if you go back far enough.

  12. Love Memory Lane! Isn’t it wonderful to re-visit every once in a while πŸ™‚
    Giggle…my Amber can not even get into one of those drinking bowls LOL

  13. I bet now you stick your head out of window and let the wind blow your fur ;-). Lovely memory x

  14. I bet you were a cute little fluffy puppy! Made me think back to bringing my own puppy home. πŸ™‚

  15. Great story and cute video. πŸ™‚

  16. What a nice story and what a sweet video! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Great Pyrenees puppy until now, Clowie. And so many of them! Got to love how the little one stepped on the hose and nearly squirted his friend there. Hehe! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! There can be up to 15 in a litter of Pyr pups. The puppies in the video are 7 – 8 weeks of age and would be roughly the same size as an adult Scottie already.

  17. Oh man, those puppies are irrestible!

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